While polarization is trademark of much of personality disorder, there are times where issues and boundaries have to be rather stark.  As I have opined already, it is in the worst interests of a society or culture to let a frank pathologically disordered personality disordered person to be a leader, and while some might try to pick out parts of certain past leaders who wound up fitting such disordered description who allegedly did a society or civilization some good, that’s the failing word there, “some”.

Leadership needs much “more” good than bad in individuals who try to lead, not some, and we have deeply flawed people masquerading as candidates to be President in November.  Hell, we have even many more deeply flawed people running for other offices across the country, but, I can’t focus on all these races to the bottom of the states and Congress, and you as reader aren’t interested to read my opinion anyway regarding that many people.

Things have been said by both Trump and Clinton in the past several days that aren’t just Freudian slips, they are blatant narratives and agendas that reveal what either of them want and demand of the electorate.  And I have no problem that we have an entrenched 10-15% of each sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats who will genuflect to these candidates to the day these supporters die.

But, we aren’t talking about 10-15% each of Repugnocants and Demon-craps here, not after the numbers tonight from the 5 states that voted today.  No, we see that duplicity, disingenuous and disdainful and plain dishonest presentations buy votes.  That just reinforces my series in place, “Living in a Personality Disordered Society”.

Part 3 comes tomorrow, nothing incredible or outrageous to it, but, it hopefully wraps up the introduction to identifying the more usual and typical signs and symptoms of what is personality disorder.  While just my opinion and observations, I hope readers who want to avoid being in the crevices and ruins of majority run areas of characterological dysfunction, will give some thought to where this series is headed.

Or just dismiss or laugh it off.  Your choice, and hey, one point to the personality disordered person, he/she gives the illusion of choice, but, their way or no way really isn’t much of a choice at the end of the day, eh?

I hope Trump and Clinton victory speeches don’t disappoint, but I don’t have a desire to punish myself before bedtime…