So while I was catching a sunset tonight at my house, as I am off this week, I caught Mark Levin’s show, as he lead off with reading the speech that probably set the American Revolution into full throttle, 241 years ago today per Mr Levin.

Here it is in it’s entirety:


I am not going to highlight any part, I hope readers will take the approximate 4-5 minutes to read it slowly to digest the full text, and then wonder, why don’t people talk like this now, when we face the basic same situations, taxed without representation, being ruled and not represented, and waiting for people to stand up and make a difference, like the colonists had in so many people of character, not characterological as seems the status woe these days.

Anyway, I hope this is worth your time and energy to review.

Oh, and here is the synopsis of what is Mad At America, as these folks just want to grind that ax and then swing it at anyone who defers from their narrative:

(in the thread I have previously spoken of by Dr Whitaker last week, oh, and the usual suspects get away with insults and derision, primarily at the amusement and approval of Ms Mead and Dr Whitaker)

The first comment is what leads to the mission statement of MIA:

Stevieon March 22, 2016 at 9:37 am said:

There were two ways, it seems, to respond to what Drs. Francis and Pies have recently written. Recognize the possibility that we can come together in a better approach or to bash them for not coming around enough. Obviously, bashing psychiatrists won out, shades of our Presidential candidates scapegoating others.

  • So Stevie, what is your ideal way of coming together so that this mom’s experience doesn’t keep reoccurring?


    In case you didn’t read the column, her daughter died due to severe overdrugging in a psych hospital. And by the way, this is not an isolated incident.

    Actually, this would be a good question for any psychiatrist visiting this blog who thinks we all ought to moderate our views.

    And by the way Stevie, maybe if you and your colleagues would express your outrage at the abuses instead of just continuing to defend psychiatry, you would get more respect. But you keep ignoring this and acting like it doesn’t happen.

    Finally, I am going to repeat a point that I have made previously on this blog that may sound extreme but I think is appropriate. Since commentators on this blog had horrific experiences with psychiatry, asking them to moderate their views is like asking rape victims not to be so angry. They have ever right to feel the way they do and to be heard.”

I bold the ending to show that hate and vengeance is what drives these folks, and I am glad one of the usual commentators is the one who wrote it.

So, to tie it in with the impetus to this post, Patrick Henry wanted independence and autonomy, but, the growing personality disorders among us want entitlement and death to all who are even remotely seen as oppressive.

Oh fine, here is the link to make sure all the points can be reviewed…


Patrick Henry portrait

Mr Henry, if you haven’t figured it out yet…