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It’s Easter weekend, and while I am not christian, I respect this holiday is important to most Americans who are christian, so, I raise this as an introductory point to why American society really has detoured from what are the principles and outward responsible attitudes that should be prevalent and innate among most of us, most meaning more than 80% of adults who are functioning and fairly independent.

Psychology Today in their February 2016 issue ran a story of “How to Pick a President” and noted the alleged strengths and weaknesses of the last 3 we have had, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama.  It was painfully obvious the writer, John Gartner PhD is a Democrat hack, gushing over Clinton, and while saying less about Obama, well, obviously Dr Gartner hasn’t a clue to what are responsible traits for what we need as of 2017.

Here was his list of 12 Traits It Takes to Run the Country:


OK, I agree with a sizeable portion of them, but, I think the author took a few things for granted that either need substituted, or perhaps needed a couple extra added, we don’t have to have an even dozen to define healthy and responsible leadership skills, god forbid what we have had to endure from these last 3 failures I think all showed some personality deficits from each of them, eh?

What about, HUMILITY, as a start?  Add a bit of SHAME and REMORSE abilities, God knows neither Democrat President of the above three has any of those three abilities.  Dr Gratner notes empathy, but, that is an empty term when Gartner uses Bill Clinton saying “I feel your pain” as an illustration, is that a strong explanation to it, hmm?

How about FAITH, in that a leader has to believe in those around him, because lets face it, a President doesn’t do it all by him or herself, the people a leader surrounds him/herself with shows who that leader is, and I think a prior President, Ronald Reagan did not do so well with that ability, cue IRAN-CONTRA as a start to a less than stellar moment during his term in office?

I would hazard to guess readers could add some other skills and traits, but, CONVICTION to do what is right for the people, not just for the leader, yeah, that one does not define our current occupant of the White House.

Finally, PERSEVERANCE, to persist in doing what is right and responsible, even when those who just want to keep their power and money and oppose the public good need to be rejected in the end.  You think anyone in politics, business, education, and providers of services who just make lots of money and maintain profound influence inherently persevere in doing what is right and responsible??

What is the common theme to most with Personality Disorders is basically a skewed and very dysfunctional self, in that personality disordered people are inherently selfish, irregardless of what cluster or specific type they might have as a diagnosis.  Which is why we should not have selfish people in positions of power or influence who affect a multitude of others.

Man, the past week or two has shown that all these people masquerading as Presidential candidates are very flawed people.  So, tomorrow most of you will be in your houses of worship defining sin and what Christ allegedly died for to help you be who and where you are now.  If people really believe the premises to what Christ stood for, how do you support these charalatans who are fairly much a great distance from embracing and practicing the very skills and abilities you worship in your deity?

This is not a slight at Christianity, but, just asking people to be consistent, accountable, and most importantly, honest in what they expect of both themselves and others around them.

If you think Christ was the man who deserves your commitment and motivations, then how the hell are you supporting the likes of Trump and Hillary Clinton as a start?  Even Sanders and Cruz have gaping holes in their agendas and presentations.  Kasich seems to be a backstabber at the end of the day.  I don’t know of the other candidates from lesser known third party runs in place now, but, there seems to be an inversely proportional relationship between people who want to be in positions of power and rule, and be able to lead and unite.

This Easter could be a defining moment for most in this country, but, in the end, I think it will just be another Sunday of the year, one of 52 we will have.

Just remember what Father Mulcahy said in that M*A*S*H episode when the soldier pulled his rifle on the Father once he was not going to get his way:  “a faith of convenience is a shallow faith!”

Faith is never a convenience, but, a conviction.  We don’t have leaders who really have faith and empathy for the people anymore, and the constituents, well, they are electing the leaders who represent the people, at least as is now.

People were killed in Belgium 5 days ago, and the President of this country spent a good portion of the day at a baseball game, sitting with a man who brutalizes his citizens who do not genuflect to the ruler’s agenda.  Where is the shame and humility in most of you not only watching this, but not criticizing this?

So, let me get this straight, Christ died for everyone else’s sins?  When does that circular logic come full circle and the people themselves have to face the consequences of their sins?  Hey, just my perplexed opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, Judiasm, especially in the Orthodox form, has some fairly messed up perspectives too.  We need laws and boundaries, but, what about common sense as the basic foundation first?

Happy Easter.  Hope not just a day of convenience…