First, the title of a post at MIA, by a psychiatrist mind you, that goes to show how desperate the cretins at MIA have become:



Robert Berezin, MD, really has no clue to what he writes about at times, I think he is just out to be provocative and inflame, I have to wonder who has outraged him and thus motivated him to come up with just such lame, hideous and pathetic overgeneralizations that are the MIA crowd.

Remember, this is a site that almost advocates outwardly for the extermination of psychiatry, and then these disingenuous, dishonest, disdainful, and plain hating extremist thugs get to write the most vile, hostile, and vicious attacks on people, which you can read in the thread of this link alone.

Oh, but people like me, who don’t bend over and take the MIA narrative far up the rectal canal, get moderated and at best have a comment printed in what, 3-4 days later at best, if at all?!

I direct you in that thread to this banter started by commenter Givemeyourking, who wrote a fairly honest comment, and then the usual ugly trolls try to demand this commenter be stricken from the thread.  Amazing how illustrative the usual primitive and dysfunctional defenses of the personality disordered are well provided:  the projections, denials, deflections, minimizations, and frank pathetic rationalizations of child-like mentality are on full display!

Here’s what started it:

The US eugenics program was a good, solid one, set up to prevent disease and suffering. Someone else had a eugenics program that turned into a genocide campaign. Therefore every eugenics program is guaranteed to end in genocide and war. That’s pretty much the mindset of everyone who speaks of eugenics. It’s an emotional and frankly, ridiculous response. There are many shades of gray to this issue.

Sterilizing those who cannot even care for themselves on a consistent basis, much less a baby, is a kindness, not an evil.


You gotta read the next, what 12 or more retorts by MIAs needed and wanted readers, and then realize, polarization has been redefined at this blog!

I mean really, this sweeping thought that a profession is going to engage in Eugenics?  You know what, Dr Berezin, if you are so outraged and shamed by psychiatry, I hope you have dropped your license to practice psychiatry and have taken on a more noble and just cause to motivate and validate your existence.  I as a psychiatrist think you are a lost soul, and if you had an ounce of shame and humility to see this post titled as done, you would ask for at least a retraction of the title, if not just rethink your position a bit.

MIA is the Black Li(v)es Matter equivalent to the conflict that has true legitimacy of debate in mental health care.  I dub these losers at this blog hereon:


I am not going to address Whitaker, his sell out with trying to extort $250,000 to support his site is such a joke, and he has the complicit crowd to back him up enough to get away with it.  But, PLM aka MIA is unfortunately a force to have to reckon with, just like BLM is across the country.

I hope the Democrat convention is the chaotic nightmare these extremist polarizing slime will make it to be.  Sorry Philly residents, the heat alone is an environmental wake up call to stay home and wait out the crazies…


addendum July 26 6PM:  Stephen Gilbert replied to my comment that was miraculously printed today, just 4 days later after I submitted it, and sense my reply to him and the thread at large will not make it as I am not so pleasant and respectful that I have to be as a scumbag psychiatrist, so here it is if my instincts are correct and it passes thru the cloud into the void of the universe beyond:

(submitted July 26 2016 at 4:45PM)

Let’s see how many days this next comment takes to be published, the last took 4 days, fascinating how this site censors those who are more inclined to be respectful and appropriate, and yet let the insults and innuendos fly like, well, folks can interpret what I mean…

Anyway, Mr Gilbert, while it is sad and true Nazi psychiatrists, and most likely not all of them mind you, were scum and did heinous things, you folks love to over generalize and not only make that sordid history seem to stand out as a defining moment for the whole profession, but then make it sound like we are all offspring of Nazis 75 years later.

It is the disingenuous and dishonest rhetoric that abounds here, and why MIA will never really have the level of credibility it cravenly seeks to be taken both seriously and respectfully in legitimate mental health debates that should be maintained in the Net.

So, if you all embrace the mindset of the Gilberts here, any one who committed a crime or misdeed in a profession has sullied it for decades to come. This is the mentality and dialogue of immature and childish processing, and it is really is a shame the editors and blog authors here can’t have a moment of clarity and see it for what it is…

So, rail away how Dr Berezin is alluding that Psychiatry as a whole is edging towards Eugenics. I really would appreciate, and mostly likely enjoy this site trying to bring this assumption to another blog or reputable site debating mental health issues and see how long this kind of rhetoric is not only tolerated, but printed.

I do know my history, Mr Gilbert, and what you seem to either gloss over or just blatantly ignore, is that psychiatry didn’t institute this line of thinking, but sociopathic scum of the Hitlers and his limited minions told the lies over and over and either brainwashed people of some responsibility to succumb to such heinous thinking, or people just wanted that scapegoat to attack.

Hmm, which seems to mirror what is going on in this country of late both by Repugnocants and Demon-craps, as they both excel in polarizing and extremist rhetoric that taints the American culture.

I really wish this site would grow up and show some responsibility in how the threads are maintained, I talk to others who will never come here, because the editors have lost control of their commenters.

MIA wants the numbers of hits and travels here, well, quantity does not trump quality all the time. Oh, and I am copying this comment to include it in my blog post I made yesterday about this post. It will be read, by at least some who are interested in all the points, not just the zealot few.


Joel Hassman, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist

Well, I hope it gets printed, and MIA/PLM should hope so too as the hits and retorts will increase the number of visits logarithmically!!!

Advise readers go back every day or so and read the thread, this one will linger to the end of the week???

And to MIA/PLM readers here who want to opine, well, I’ll print it if it makes some sense and some applicability to this post, but, prepare for a rebuttal…

______(sense addendums are due)_________

Addendum July 30:  Yep, the second comment above did not make the grade, here is the thread moderator’s multi email hassle of me:


Hi Joel. Just checking in about your recent comment (pasted below). As I’ve explained to you before, complaints about comment moderation are off-topic and against our posting guidelines. It seems a bit strange to post things that you know are against our guidelines and then complain when your comment doesn’t appear… but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I’d also like to point out that your comments would appear automatically (as they do for most people who comment), rather than needing to be approved, if you were to demonstrate willingness and ability to abide by our guidelines. You’re only on preemptive moderation because you’ve demonstrated an unwillingness in the past. The choice is yours, really.
At any rate, if you’re willing to edit the following comment to remove off-topic content, I can do that for you and then publish it.


I’ve emailed you before so you already had a chance to address me directly — I can also be emailed via our contact page.

Call it censorship if you like, but the fact remains that complaining about site moderation is off-topic, and we are transparent about our guidelines for participation (our posting policy is linked in the reply box every time you write a comment). 
The comment section is for discussing the issues raised in the blogs, not for airing grievances about how the site is run or trying to put staff on trial in the court of public opinion. This job is difficult enough without having to defend myself against slander and rebut false accusations from people who don’t take responsibility for their own actions. If you have complaints you can address staff directly.
There’s another off-topic complaint at the end of the post, if you consent to removing that we’re good to go.


I was referring to this complaint at the end of your comment quoted above: “I really wish this site would grow up and show some responsibility in how the threads are maintained, I talk to others who will never come here, because the editors have lost control of their commenters.”

This has nothing to do with the topic of psychiatry edging closer to eugenics.  
It also isn’t even accurate — the editors (aside from me as I’m currently both an editor and the comment moderator) have nothing to do with the comment section, they just post blogs and news items. 
— — — — — — —

So, just so readers understand, they let any anonymous commenter get away with rude, vile, and hostile shit comments, but, harass and try to manipulate commenters like me who are asking for real moderation!

Again, why MIA is a failure as a site for mental health care critique…


addendum Aug 1 5PM:

A commenter, Ms Simpson, noted at another post at MIA someone made somewhat of a nice comment about me, and then the usual suspect who is just rude and insulting tries to claim I am commenting with some other pseudonym.  LAME!!!

My comment I forwarded there as rebuttal:

Ms Mead, where the hell are you, as the usual suspects now slander me claiming I am writing here under some other pseudonym? You know the email ties to these anonymous characters, why can’t you at least note to readers I only comment here as Therapyfirst, always sign my name and credentials at the bottom.

Again, it only reinforces what I last commented at the Berezin post you did not allow. Hey folks, if Ms Mead is at all fair, she does censor here, and I find it incredulous she claims otherwise. That is not only fair to write, but is part of genuine moderation! And, once again, this comment will be posted at my last post about MIA last week.

Hey, I see another commenter seems to echo my opinion your blog is not getting the validation you would think Dr Whitaker would want at other blog sites about mental health. Do you have the guts to tell him that? Or even gutsier, tell him to come to my site and rebuke my opinion about MIA??

You know I’ll print what he writes. Who knows, maybe it might benefit him and MIA???

Joel Hassman, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist

think Ms Mead will allow it?  Nah!  But, you can read it here.