That’s what the banner of this blog reminds us, much that plays a role in psychological struggles is about facing the truths to the assorted issues that cause mental health problems, forget them as “disorders” for a moment here.  But, do psychiatrists really want to spend the time and energy to have their patients look at the truths that are factors to mood, thought, and cognitive problems, when most psychiatrists just want to sell pills as the “cure”?

No, my profession as a whole, again even if just 50.1% of physicians, have bought into the notion, literally and figuratively mind you, that it’s about biochemical imbalances, and wasn’t the removal of the Multi Axis format from the DSM 5 a blatant act to dismiss the role of stressors to illness??  How shameful was that, and if you are a mental health clinician, not a psychiatrist alone mind you, what do colleagues you work with who are psychiatrists say to you if you raise that point?

The painful joke I see at hand at psychiatric hospitals these days is they really don’t make an effort to treat the person who is acutely ill and hospitalized, but just the cells, maybe the organ inside the skull, but, not the human being.  Inpatient units have scaled back so many ancillary services to the bare bones, it really is both astounding and atrocious they call these places acute care units.  Could you imagine somatic facilities cutting back the services that really are essential components to treating medical issues like cardiac care, stroke units, even trauma centers?

But, isn’t that what psychiatry has done these past 15 to 20 years, just let outside sources dictate the treatment process and pathetically gone along with it without much debate or dissent?  That is what whores and cowards do after all, because to fight for what is right goes against the grain of instinctual processes of popular, easy, and convenient.

So, can we as a society, culture, collaborative of individuals, return to doing the correct thing, and face the truth?  Irony at times is both intriguing and instructive, as Bruce Hornsby is now on singing my favorite song of his, “That’s Just the Way It is”, and while he then sings “some things will never change”, he ends with “just don’t believe them”.

I chose to not believe those who sell empty promises and faux standards of care.  But, I live in a place where we have watched the process of “repeat the lies enough and they will be believed” per this recent election process.  And now, both ends of this polluted Republocrat party are just doubling down in spewing out the lies endlessly to sell their choir the need to hold onto these false beliefs.

I really feel sorry for people who are victimized by this horrid sales pitch to medicate distress and dysfunction away.  I have had this banner in place for over 4 years because it really is the simplest explanation to what I deal with:  if you as the patient just want to get better, then take a damn pill, but, if you want to get it right, then face your truths!

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