While the Democrats are still the Demon-craps to me, their craven cries for chaos and discord since losing the Presidential election completely smacks of desperation run amok!

It’s just incredible to listen to how pathetic they are with their projections, deflections, denials, and really ugly rationalizations that just makes a healthy attentive person’s head spin, almost like Linda Blair in The Exorcist!

(had to throw this in for effect:)

This party really is evil, and why people outside the Demon-craps continue to be passive and just dismissive of Democrat efforts to subvert the Constitution, well, it really risks a civil war part 2.  There is no excuse to be silent while listening to people advocate for assassinations, not paying their taxes, ignore or disrupt the Electoral College process, and my favorite, this absurd and outright illegal plan to elect Obama’s Supreme Court nominee before the next Senate can be sworn in, I mean, really, this is just f—-g anarchy at it’s hideous antisocial worst!


“It’s one thing for Senate Republicans to use their constitutional power as the majority party to deny Obama his Supreme Court nominee. It’s quite another for Senate Democrats to hijack control of the Senate by completely disenfranchising one third of its elected members over a scheduling loophole.

That hasn’t stopped progressives from hoping.”

But, this is what people who lose power regress to, desperation and dastardly tactics.

Democrats who support this shit not only have to be marginalized, but I really hope the country as a whole, which is more than the 62-62 Million who moronically voted for Clinton need to be ostracized if they keep this garbage up.

Ah, folks, if people think they can disrupt the Inauguration Ceremony next month, let me fill you in on a little fact:  Secret Service shoot first and usually don’t ask many if any questions later.  And frankly, watching these Demon-craps think they can take control of this country after losing the election, well, frankly, I will not mourn dead disdainful citizens on the streets for disrupting society.

Maybe then that will be their wake up call to shut up and be responsible respectful people.  But, I don’t think this party as a whole has a clue to think that way, much less act so.

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