My family thinks I am a Republican.  Shame my wife doesn’t listen to me more clearly these what, last 20 years at least if nor more when I endlessly bashed Reagan and his puppet show controllers all of the 1980s?!

So, to be consistent here at my blog, while ending in a bit more than two weeks time, let me share this article from Ben Shapiro, who is also an equal opportunity basher:


I have said endlessly since the two failed candidates by the Republocrats were being dumped on the American public early in the year, lesser of two evils is not a choice, and, personality disorder of their magnitude should have been disqualifiers to be considered in not only the first place, but the last place as well.

But, when you have political parties who just run on agendas and power control, they are the Republocrats I rail about; it has never been about representation, but resentment these cretins politicians have to run for reelection every 2-6 years!

Anyway, Shapiro in the above link said it appropo:

“Trump is apparently forming his political revenge squad, too. Just days ago, The Washington Postreported that Mercer family gun-for-hire Kellyanne Conway could lead “a group being formed that will provide ‘a surround-sound super structure’ to bolster the new administration’s political and policy goals.” This group would take part in smacking around insufficiently loyal Republicans: “the group could be a potent force in the 2018 midterm elections…” While the group would supposedly target Democrats, there’s no indicator that Trump wouldn’t go after other members of the GOP – after all, he said that when Republican candidate Joe Heck lost, he was overjoyed that Heck “went down like a lead balloon.”

Just remember this from over 60 years ago (see below next link), rule by fear is only successful as long as people react to mob rule, and if the people of the Republican party are only the selfish self serving bastards I know them to be since I become somewhat politically savvy going into college, then they deserve to be screwed in the next election 2018.


“One of the most influential opponents of McCarthyism was the famed CBS newscaster and analyst Edward R. Murrow. On October 20, 1953, Murrow’s show See It Nowaired an episode about the dismissal of Milo Radulovich, a former reserve Air Force lieutenant who was accused of associating with Communists. The show was strongly critical of the Air Force‘s methods, which included presenting evidence in a sealed envelope that Radulovich and his attorney were not allowed to open. On March 9, 1954,See It Now aired another episode on the issue of McCarthyism, this one attacking Joseph McCarthy himself. Titled “A Report on Senator Joseph R. McCarthy”, it used footage of McCarthy speeches to portray him as dishonest, reckless and abusive toward witnesses and prominent Americans. In his concluding comment, Murrow said:

We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men.[27]

But, do we have people in positions of responsible media and other levels of influence for the public good, not party agenda, that will stand up to the clown show coming to the Blight House January 20 2017?  We’ll see…

On a somewhat related note, a reader Mark noted some topic choices for me to ponder before signing off was, as he stated it:

“And finally… in an imagined future… in which entry into politics was policed by psychiatry, what personality would be permitted to go on and govern, and why?”

I never inferred that my suggestion to consider using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory should be a litmus test alone for who should be viable political candidates, as I would NEVER want psychiatry alone to deem what is right and wrong!  But, while such testing should NOT be shared with the public, I think political parties might want to be privy to such testing results if a candidate is representing said party.

I will stick to what I have noted here:  people with strong personality disorders should not be in positions of power, control, influence, or leaders of industry.  No, we can’t prevent this from happening with strong regularity, but, the public should be paying attention to strong personality deficits that clearly are evident by speeches, platforms, and public behaviors.

Oh, and I strongly feel that anyone running for President of the United States should have served in the Military in some sustained fashion, at least 5 or more years, in order to serve as Commander in Chief.  Since Bush Sr served, well, we have seen the gross incompetence of his followers, including his son who’s service in the National Guard was just show.

So to get back to Mark’s question, shouldn’t we hold leaders to a higher level of accountability, not by a psychiatric point of view, but, a societal one?!  And wouldn’t psychiatry help formulate such standards, not set them mind you, but help the public see through lies, deceit, and manipulation by the shrewdest and covert operatives who seek power to rule, not represent?  Like we have seen with Obama, and to endure further with Trump?!

I work to help people help themselves, and thus why I am so critical how people try to shove personality disorders that are hideously malignant down our throats as providers, when the essentials to care and effective treatment are insight, judgment, a willingness to change, and an agreement to cooperate with the treatment process.

Do people here who have interacted with profound personality disordered people seen these folks to be worth the effort to help?!

Sorry, for the most part, over 90% of the time, NO for me.

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