The Demon-craps really can’t handle the truth they lost the White House, and now this faux CIA claim that Russia hacked our election process nationally, what a desperate grasp to try to prevent Trump from taking office.

I’ve met a few people in my travels who just have to win, at any cost, because their characterological bent is so pathological, they really don’t care what happens in the end.

And that should not only evoke some fear and apprehension, but, realize there is no negotiation with these folks, so, where do responsible and appropriate people draw the line and say almost in so many words, “if you persist, we will resist”.

It is just astounding how desperate the Democrats are becoming, and it frightens me that so many are sucked into this power madness.  Oh, and not that I see much less in the Republican side here either, but, Democrats are ready to sacrifice the foundations of this country solely to be in power.  I don’t see such rigidity and inflexibility in the Republicans, yet.

Hey, if I am wrong, we are all happy, eh?

Again, our Personality Disordered Society at full throttle, buckle in!