Next week is the Electoral College vote.  If you are paying attention to the reports of what is being attempted, the Louts/Regressives/Libelous will make their last stand and try to manipulate, er, convince these electors to not vote Trump in as President.

WHEN this fails, although I can’t guarantee it will fail, it will be both interesting and incredulous what these desperate folks will do next.  And I don’t think they have any patience or discipline to wait until the holidays are over, no, these people are hell bent to stay in power, and “NO” is not a word they tolerate.

I mean, Harry Reid is gone, and he is still mouthing off like the idiot and antisocial he is, and Nancy Pelosi, well, I think this woman is beginning to border on near psychotic type expectations, and this is a woman who speaks for her party in the House of Representatives?!  At least it appears Hillary Clinton, for the moment mind you, has slunk off into the woods of New York State to continue her mourning, which I hope lasts a very, very long time.  She has shown she is NOT fit to be President the way she has acted these past weeks since losing…

So, when the Electoral College should announce Trump is President, well, I advise you all be on the watch for new lows in the behaviors of those who are on the Left/Progressives/ and Liberals, which is what I write above in the first paragraph as the real terms and agendas.  They will not do well, and they will risk havoc in their various circles amongst us in the country.

But, as I always note, I am usually glad to be wrong when I am, but, I sense the rhetoric is just amping up, and this does concern me.

Get that Christmas shopping done this weekend, I advise this honestly!!!

zombies at the clinic