What is going on in Syria, specifically in Aleppo, is just heinous to read.  That Barack Obama did NOTHING to address the ugliness that Assad and his ilk have been getting away with these past FOUR years and more shows what an antisocial does when faced with an equal antisocial opponent or competitor.  Besides, Obama’s real alliance is with Iran, and Iran wants Assad to stay in power, so Obama has to stand down.

Doesn’t this pathetic inaction bother anyone in the Demon-crap party?  Oh, my bad, why I call them Demon-craps in the first place.  This loser in the Blight House really thinks he is going to finish his illustrious career with a legacy of value?!  And I think there is an agenda coming to truly try to prevent Trump from taking office, I just know it, not that I am thrilled that Donald Trump succeeds the damage wrought be his predator, er, predecessor.

But, America has set precedence with being silent when the genocide of the Nazis was going on in the early 1940s before Japan forced us to act.  George Carlin was right, we as a whole don’t really care about other people, especially if they are not white Christians.

And I finish this with simply the fact that over 120 million people actively voted for a serial liar and sexual predator to be in the White House come Late January 2017.  Over 40% of the legitimate electorate is either clueless or complicit with poor judgment and woeful leadership skills.  Thus why we get the representation they deserve, note how that first part of the sentence is worded.

Addendum 5 minutes later after publishing:


““Those were damning, damning words, but they were damning words of the Obama administration,” Scarborough said. “How Samantha Power, with all due respect, a woman that I respect, but how she sits there and says those words working for an administration that has been mute on this issue or backed down when they actually finally did show some spine, it’s unspeakable.”

“These pictures are not just the legacy of Putin and Assad, these pictures are the legacy of the United States and their president,” Scarborough continued while video of the destruction in Aleppo played on air.”

That was said by Joe Scarborough, enough said!

One week to go, a last batch of pictures of the years here…

ranting warning

toddlers rules

obama and the masses chained

the road to hell

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Holy crap, there is a world out there!

Holy crap, there is a world out there!

yeah, that’s me, one of the few pics I used of myself…