First these two reads, the second link from the first:


then in there this:


I advise readers read both, but the second by psychiatrist Richard B. Corradi, M.D. is the more important read.  This one point in there is my concern:

“Individuals are further stripped of their personal identity as they become pawns in the broader LGBT agenda. As it has gained judicial and political power, the LGBT goal appears to be no less than full public acceptance of any variety of sexual expression it chooses, with no tolerance for dissent. Transgenderism is the vanguard of the current offensive. The bitter social strife it has fostered indicates the lengths to which the movement will go in destroying the opposition.”

Which, in my opinion, validates the pervasive Axis 2 pathology that I know persists in those with sexual identity struggles.  Note that I do NOT call it Sexual Identity DISORDER, because there is a definable percentage of people who have sexual disorder struggles that are legitimate to pursue treatment interventions, and not from a psychiatric point alone.

But, sexual preference is now a weapon, not a choice.  And that should profoundly bother those who are appropriate and responsible in their pursuits of sexual preference.  Because yes, there has been hideous and inappropriate discrimination by those who are ignorant and intolerant of choice and variation in lifestyle, but, reverse discrimination is not a rebuttal, but just the second wrong.

Frankly, I find the zealots and intolerance of our not being subservient to alternative lifestyle to be not only discrimination, but just frank antisocial shit!  Thus why those who are in the group but not calling out their brethren who are being outrageous and just fostering more repeat discrimination by the original intolerant of choice to watch out!

Anyway, on a side note, read this article in this month’s Current Psychiatry journal about bartering for treatment with patients, I found it a good read and for once not the polarizing and limited type of read expected in psychiatry.  You read and decide for yourselves:


Just watch out as the Axis 2 patient is NOT the person to consider this for one second!  The table in the chart was a good start:

Factors for and against barter arrangements

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