The Ravens are lucky to win today, and even though I am a Ravens fan, it is time to say goodbye to both Wacco, er, Flacco, and Far-baugh, er, Harbaugh after this season.  The odds are fairly high next week the only Christmas gift the Ravens will get is a piece of coal up their butts, until proven otherwise.  And I am sick and tired of hearing about how we won a Super Bowl FOUR years ago, we don’t go to the playoffs this year, that’s sitting home after January 1st three of the last 4 years since the New Orleans cheap show.

Don’t read this wrong, I am a Ravens fan, but, I don’t tolerate mediocrity from someone who is paid 120 Million dollars to just show up and throw off the back of his feet 80% of his throws this year alone.  His mechanics are pathetic, and time to find someone who wants to win, not just show up for a check!!!

And John Harbaugh fails at so many intrinsic expectations in coaching for years, special teams play alone for me has degraded to developmental disordered team play with all the penalties every damn game when they punt or receive a kick off.

Well, Merry Christmas to all, and Ravens fans who want to chide me on the 26th before I sign off should they beat the Steelers, remember, I am usually happy when I am wrong.

But, after watching football and fairly well educated about the game these 45 years of watching and playing when I was young (not organized ball mind you though), this team needs to wise up and cut their losses.  LITERALLY!!!!

Joe Flacco in the pocket this year:

get used to this image next Sunday night…

Just had to weigh in before I end this blog…