I type this around 11AM, I think around 1-2PM the Electoral College voting is to be done and forwarded to their respective state accountors to be tallied and forwarded.  Start with this read to show you why I rail endlessly about the Left (Louts), Progressives (Regressives), and Liberals (Libelous):


“Once they put away childish things, then perhaps they can rethink their posture more fundamentally. They can revisit all their mindless and shortsighted arguments against obstructionism as such; reacquaint themselves with the separation of powers and especially the role of Congress in our constitutional system (congressional Democrats were happy to see Obama bypass Congress via unilateral fiat for years); learn to appreciate federalism and the limits it to puts on the federal government; and conduct themselves as an opposition party that is worthy of a democratic republic.

The first and most important step, though, is simply to get a grip.”

To “get a grip” requires a few adult mature skills, like reasoning, compromise, negotiation, and most importantly, shame and humility.  Personality Disordered people do not have those skills or traits, so it is asking for the impossible.

Which is why I genuinely worry what happens WHEN the voting results do not go the way of the Personality Disordered.  What next?

These are people way beyond bringing weapons to a formal debate, these are people, ironically enough, who will commit figurative suicide/homicide just to win out.

Or, maybe they will literally strap on explosives?….

Which is why they identify with the Radical Islamic extremists and are their eternal defenders and apologists.  Like minds think alike…

News at 11…………………