My hypothesis with Barack Obama is he is a covert operative for Muslim/Islamic agendas, and now that he is going to be succeeded by someone who is not going to be much at all sympathetic to extremist agendas at the very least, how does Obama leave knowing this?

A lot can happen in thirty days, the attacks in Germany and Turkey yesterday can be interpreted probably in several ways.  For me, it partially at least was some type of shout out to Obama that he has to do more to erode American confidence and sense of safety.

Like, pardon more criminals to help promote his antisocial theme?


Radical Islamic Terrorism is a legitimate term, the fact that Obama has never uttered it except the one time a few months ago to just further disregard it’s use says to me he can’t speak out against something he inherently believes in.  How do I relate this to the above story:  more criminals seem to convert to Islam in prison, so how many of these pardons are people who will be coming out to preach Islam, from a criminal point of view?!

And now yesterday he tries to claim the Electoral College only disadvantages his party:


This man is such a fraud, I have no respect for those who genuflect to him like he is some type of deity.  But, what inherently drives supporters of someone who has repeatedly espoused beliefs and agendas that degrade and deteriorate societal foundations?

Similar agendas…

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