Another example for me why this man is an antisocial cretin:


What a prick, he thinks he will set policy that is etched in stone?

January 20, 2017, will be an interesting day, COUNT ON IT!

addendum 12 Noon:

again, what a prick to work for:


“The damning report, issued Tuesday, describes a series of actions by the Obama administration taken in order to promote the president’s Climate Action Plan that resulted in the obstruction of important information and the firing of Dr. Metting for being too honest with Congress and failing to stick to the administration’s talking points. “

He will stop at nothing to decimate this country, his legacy will be defined by who comes forward once he hopefully leaves and admits what an abject failure he and his cronies in his staff have been to erode all hope in this country.

I know in my heart this man hates this country, PERIOD!

King Obama