I doubt I will have time to write something of importance or last minute reflection being on call at a psych hospital starting tomorrow, so will just end my run here at Cantmedicatelife.com noting what the banner said above these four years:

It’s not just about getting better but getting it right, and facing the truth is something harder to find and accomplish, this election alone screams that out loud, eh?

Psychiatry, when practiced correctly, is helping people help themselves, and the most complementary thing a psychiatrist should and want to hear is “hey doc, I am doing much better and don’t need to see you anymore, at least for now”.

Remission is the ultimate goal, and seen as successful is the accomplishment.

But, don’t listen to the antipsychiatry folk, they are as clueless as the idiot providers they at times legitimately bitch about who have done harm and were just self serving losers as physicians.  Because the antipsychiatry people are rigid, inflexible zealots who see everyone in the profession as evil and complicit, they can’t see the gray in providers.

So, if you or someone you care for is struggling with mental health problems, seek out help, but also expect accountability and make sure the provider explains their paradigm to care as clearly and succinctly as possible.  It’s not just about meds, especially multiple prescription use until proven otherwise, and when meds are indicated, be sure to understand that the process is still following the principle of less to more invasive.

I’ll try this Twitter stuff out at @cantmedlife for now, but remember it is a work in progress, and I doubt I can get much accomplished in 140 characters, but I did learn today there is another portion that allows more quantity published, so I’ll investigate that as I learn the process.

To all readers, thanks for reading and commenting, and hope your future travels to sites about mental health care educate, inform, and enlighten to help and direct.

Be safe, be well, and be aware, 2017 will unlikely be any better than the last loser who lived in the White House, so at the end of the day, it’s about holding your leaders accountable, and not tolerating incompetence and criminality.

Just remember, 120 million folks in this country inevitably decided to vote for either of these cretins who represent the Republocrats, and thus if you either didn’t vote for Clinton or Trump, or like me didn’t vote at all, watch out when you interact with these folks who inherently are at peace with lesser of evils.

It will come out if you discuss politics, count on it!

And now, last batch of pictures, that was the fun part for me:

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Are ya such a bunch of lemmings you won’t even see the disaster in front of ya!

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And as we fade into the sunset, my first picture, thanks to my daughtershari tired while shoveling in the snow

But, this one is great too, the guy in the middle is chillin’…009

Hope your new year ahead goes well!