I really haven’t had the reaction to how the Democrats have been decimated across the country in the past 6 years and how much of it was due to Obama, but, after reading this article this AM, I think his attitude and dismissal of his role to his party’s abject failure with him as defacto leader shows he wanted everyone in America to fail, even his party.


The following paragraph in there can be interpreted at least a couple of ways, read it first and then I will give you my interpretation:

“The president took unprecedented steps to help Clinton win the election that fell short, once again showing that his powers of persuasion are highly overrated. It also highlighted what many have known about Clinton, which us that she’s a terribly weak candidate. Obama’s steroid-induced push to help her out in the campaign seems to indicate that even he thought Clinton wasn’t up to the task to do this on her own. In the end, she failed, though even without Obama’s help, Clinton still blew a winnable election.”

Well, I listened to just a bit of his campaigning, and it came off as so disingenuous, I think the educated and informed audience and reader saw that!  His repeating this lame statement, “the most qualified candidate [Clinton] to ever run for President”, what else could he have tried, she could walk on water?!

One kept waiting for his disclaimer, “well, after me of course…”

God, this man is so disgusting to endure, I hope Trump and his supporters around him are preparing for Obama’s sabotage efforts just before the transition January 20th.

Better to expect the worst and hope for the best, eh?…