Oh, ya gotta love this one, another effort to demean, corrupt, and plainly misconstrue what a real man of integrity was intending.  But, the Black Lies Matter scumbags, well, they will just shit on any legitimate message so the stench will fit their hideous narrative:


“King’s niece, the activist, author and Fox News contributor Alveda King, said protesters should not push his civil disobedience successes into the background. “Let’s discuss racism from a peace with justice perspective,” she tweeted ahead of Martin Luther King Day.

Younger black activists say they prefer the pointed, more forceful King to the Nobel Prize-winning pacifist who preached love over hate while leading nonviolent marches across the segregated South. They say they appreciate how the urgency exhibited in King’s demand for equality in the years just before his 1968 assassination is in keeping with the Black Lives Matter rallying cry.”

Hate detests details, as being vague and nondescript only enables violence and mayhem, because asking people to be complicit without thinking, well, that is the essence to mob behaviors, eh?

And remember, the BLM movement is exclusive associated with the Demon-craps and Progressives/Liberals/Left, so they will get their supports…

Wait ’til Friday, we will see the real underbelly of the Demon-craps and their ilk, and frankly, I hope people who disrupt the peace violently get shot!

Then people will pause and reconsider their agendas, a bit?!