It is just so pathetic to listen to both the petulant sore losers of the Louts/Regressives/ Libelous, and the equally obnoxious arrogant entitled Repugnocants/Faux Conservatives as this ugly election outcome plays out.  This really was about the lesser of two extremely evil jerks, and while I am glad I don’t have to look at that hideous image of Hillary Clinton for 4 years, I have to endure the ignorance and pettiness of a pathological narcissist that Trump is day in and out.

This country has to be the laughingstock of the rest of the world, really, we are the allegedly greatest place to live?!  Bull-shit!  And what makes it worst is that we have at least 80-100 Million people who willingly, gleefully voted for either of these two jerks, I’l  be nice and assume that 20-30% of the voters who voted for Clinton or Trump just believed no vote was a worst choice.  Well, not me, I didn’t vote, I don’t rationalize voting for evil.

So, what will Friday be like.  Picture Groundhog Day but having to wake up and watch Donald Trump come out of his stump and his cronies tell you what he thinks the forecast will be for America the next 4 years…

I give him no more than two years, either he quits as he realizes what a mistake he made taking on this nomination in the first place, or, he really does something so stupid or heinous and gets impeached.

So as I said in past posts prior to the election, ready for President Pence by 2018?  This will teach Americans to pay attention to Vice Presidential picks, bank on it!

Yeah, there’s a lost Trump campaign slogan from last year!…