it is fair to equate Obama with Mussolini.  Let’s start with what Wikipedia has to offer, and I acknowledge this is a site that is created by numerous inputs:


I strongly advise readers read it ALL, but, some snippets I feel one could associate with the Obama played his hand in ruling, especially the last 4 years of his term.

“Mussolini continued to promote the need of a revolutionary vanguard elite to lead society. He no longer advocated a proletarian vanguard, but instead a vanguard led by dynamic and revolutionary people of any social class.[50] Though he denounced orthodox socialism and class conflict, he maintained at the time that he was a nationalist socialist and a supporter of the legacy of nationalist socialists in Italy’s history, such asGiuseppe Garibaldi, Giuseppe Mazzini, and Carlo Pisacane.[51] As for the Italian Socialist Party and its support of orthodox socialism, he claimed that his failure as a member of the party to revitalize and transform it to recognize the contemporary reality revealed the hopelessness of orthodox socialism as outdated and a failure.[51] This perception of the failure of orthodox socialism in the light of the outbreak of World War I was not solely held by Mussolini, other pro-interventionist Italian socialists such as Filippo Corridoni and Sergio Panunzio had also denounced classical Marxism in favor of intervention.[52]

I see this how Obama really just dismissed the Democrats overall, just gave the illusion he was working with the party, but, it was really just about Obama’s agenda…

But, this part per Mussolini’s attitude in working with Germany, read this and then see how it has eerie parallels to Obama siding with Iran, Cuba, and I think the Palestinians…

“Convinced that the war would soon be over, with a German victory looking likely at that point, Mussolini decided to enter the war on the Axis side. Accordingly, Italy declared war on Britain and France on 10 June 1940.[137] Mussolini regarded the war against Britain and France as a life-or-death struggle between opposing ideologies — Fascism and “theMasonic, democratic, capitalist world”[136] – describing the war as “the struggle of the fertile and young people against the sterile people moving to the sunset; it is the struggle between two centuries and two ideas”,[138] and as a “logical development of our Revolution”.[136]

Finally, this for me while not about atheism, about how Obama, again in just my opinion, was about being a Muslim sympathizer, and his silence when others in his party or faction attacked and insulted Christianity, well, read and substitute if the reader feels it is analogous to what I see:

“Mussolini made vitriolic attacks against Christianity and the Catholic Church, which he accompanied with provocative remarks about the consecrated host, and about a love affair between Christ and Mary Magdalene. He denounced socialists who were tolerant of religion, or who had their children baptized, and called for socialists who accepted religious marriage to be expelled from the party. He denounced the Catholic Church for “its authoritarianism and refusal to allow freedom of thought …” Mussolini’s newspaper, La Lotta di Classe, reportedly had an anti-Christian editorial stance.[176]

So, if the Left/Progressives/Liberals want to make ugly analogies and accusations, then get ready to start hearing about their Black Mussolini, I hope readers who feel my opinion has some validation share it on the Internet, and watch the Louts/Regressives/Libelous recoil in horror when they are on the receiving end of hideous comparisons…

Hmm, some articles that precede me:



From the second link this:

“Many of Roosevelt’s ideas and policies were entirely indistinguishable from the fascism of Mussolini. In fact, Jonah Goldberg writes in Liberal Fascism, there were “many common features among New Deal liberalism, Italian Fascism, and German National Socialism, all of which shared many of the same historical and intellectual forebears.” Like American progressives, many Italian Fascist and German Nazi intellectuals championed a “middle” or “Third Way” between capitalism and socialism. Goldberg further explains:

“The ‘middle way’ sounds moderate and un-radical. Its appeal is that it sounds unideological and freethinking. But philosophically the Third Way is not mere difference splitting; it is utopian and authoritarian. Its utopian aspect becomes manifest in its antagonism to the idea that politics is about trade-offs. The Third Wayer says that there are no false choices—’I refuse to accept that X should come at the expense of Y.’ The Third Way holds that we can have capitalism and socialism, individual liberty and absolute unity.”

and one more for laughs, not:


again, from this last link:

“In the United States today, this path is being faithfully followed by an embryonic dictator and his posse of fasces-bearing lictors. President Barack Obama uses speeches, pictures, and press conferences to appease the masses while at the same time portraying those who oppose him as enemies of good government or ignorant followers of self-satisfying demagogues.

There is yet a way to break the spell that the regressives have cast on so many of our fellow countrymen. Education is the first and most important step toward breaking free of the shackles these pretty words are placing on us. Our liberties and our sacred Constitution will be cast quickly onto the scrap heap of history if our efforts are not well-aimed and persistent.”

and now for the usual picture ending:

Does Obama Qualify as a Fascist?

Hmm, not fun with that shoe on the other foot, eh?!?!

oh, this Youtube video, note the title of it!

one more shot for fun, doesn’t Mussolini look like the actor George C Scott, it is kinda eerie to me, for those of you who know the reference

Image result for Obama seen as like Mussolini

addendum:  and now for a laugh to this post, I had earlier noted how the above picture of Mussolini looked just like actor George C Scott, and in fact this is a picture of Scott portraying Mussolini, so, at least I have some recognition skills!

But, back to some seriousness, Obama has qualities and rhetoric that is like Mussolini, so, more recognition skills not so happy to have…