Twice this week I have read in very popular throw away journals, first in Current Psychiatry, and then today in Psychiatric Times, that psychiatry should be very willing to consider the use of hallucinogens like Ketamine and MDMA for treating psychiatric illnesses like depression and anxiety.

This is so f—-g stupid, just like Psych Times ran an article a month or so ago about the validity of opiates to treat depression.  Is this how desperate our psychotic-opharmocologists in the profession are to access new meds for more prescribing mayhem?!  ‘Cause that is what these meds will at best equally do, make people psychotic while allegedly treating mood and anxiety disorders.

Even marijuana is getting more press as a possible legitimate drug to use in psychiatry.  Are they kidding, with the literature showing the onset of psychosis to first episode schizophrenic breaks in teens smoking pot?!

Well, I’ll try to finish on somewhat of a positive note, in the same Psych Times issue, Ronald Pies has his again random chance moment of writing something of positive value, his article of “Deborah Danner and the Suffering of Schizophrenia”, it is usually hard to access Psych Times articles when the issue is sent out, so google at your leisure.

But, he is right about the antipsychiatry movement trying to relentless either deny, romanticize, or trivialize the painful reality of severe mental illness.  And at the end of the article he announces he is taking a break from writing in psychiatric journals.  Nice icing on that cake, for me!

I look forward to reading of these idiots who screw up patients with hallucinogens, and these moron clinicians need to be sued and even possibly incarcerated for such limited judgment and clueless clinical insight.

But, isn’t that the history of a lot of psychiatry f— ups, act first and then scramble to do damage control later.  Hey, anything for a f—, er, buck…

End of line.