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Ever see this movie, either the ’50s original or the remake in the 70’s with Donald Sutherland, both are good, but, the latter/later one is what fits for this post.

I have been saying for more than a year, it isn’t as much what a shitty and corrupt man Obama has been and how he has eroded this cultural foundation, but, how many people have been “transformed”or “awakened” by his faux narratives and rhetoric. Changed almost to a point you wonder, did he lay these pods to take over the Left/Progressives/Liberals who do almost literally shriek like the aliens who invade the human bodies.

I have to show the video to get the point across:

Did you read about this old bitch on the plane who thought she could scream down this passenger who did not bow to her attitude?  Read this below and wonder, who are these f—-g people who think their agenda trumps everyone in America who doesn’t shriek it like the Don above!?

Please, read the story and watch the video in it, just incredible who these disgusting cretins are who walk among us.  And that’s my point, Obama is now gone, hiding out in California or Hawaii, but, his alien horde walk among us, and just listening to the shriek from a movie makes you wonder, what next from the Louts/Regressives/Libelous?!

Oh, the story:


Hell, I’ll add the video in case folks don’t want to leave the post yet, there’s one more link to this post I have to add after this video

I read this after dinner tonight, and identified with a couple of things, one being Styx is a band I like, while Grand Illusion not my favorite album, I like the author’s bent of “The Grand Delusion”!


Finish the post with this:

“More violence, threats, intimidation, rantings, protests, denigrating, disparaging, and demeaning language from the left will not win folks over to their cause. It will only further distance them from the America that has rejected and repudiated them, the electoral losses of the past eight years is evidence.”

Hmm, sounds awfully like a Personality Disordered society at hand, eh?…