This is just a quick rant, but, doesn’t the hypocrisy of the Left and Right just astound and disgust those of you out there who are responsible, caring, and committed to the public well being?!  Every day is a freakin’ Executive Order by Trump, isn’t that just ruling, not legislating and leading?  And the Republicans who railed endlessly how terrible that was by Obama, where the f— are these losers today?!  Oh yeah, standing behind the Trumpster in the photo opps.

And the Left, complaining how terrible this is, well, they had Obummer and Creep (Reid) blazing this path for 6-8 years of their efforts to rule as well, so, what is that adage again, reap what you sow???  (again lots of sources, like this one because it offers several presentations, read and ponder: )

Yeah, lesser of two evils, well, let’s briefly entertain that term, shall we?!  Evil, what does it mean to readers here?

I’m sure I could dredge up several definitions, but, you know my source…

Actually, Wikipedia is correct in grouping them together, because one can’t call something evil without a polar opposite to set the terms, do we agree?

Read the link, and it won’t be an easy read, but, beyond that source, I think folks need to step back and really dig deep and think what defines evil for them.  Simple definitions are a start, but, what really drives the reader to look at something, someone, some agenda or purpose and just say, “man, that’s just evil!”

Not respecting actions or deeds or agendas that cause disruption, harm, and chaos, that is a good start for me.  Being utterly selfish, that tends to evil at least.  Being insensitive to others’ feelings and needs, not good, for sure.

I’ll end with my usual outrageous example, Barack Obama.  I  think the man is evil, and that move with trying to give the Palestinians 200 plus million dollars under the table, what the f— was that move?!  Evil, folks, and while just my opinion, well, look at those pardons and commutations the last couple of weeks in office…

To help the country?  GIVE ME A FU—-G BREAK!!!

Oh, by the way, yes, I will be cursing a lot more in my return to the blog.  Because of two reasons, at least:  we are cursed with a growing segment of the population who are crude, rude and socially unacceptable; and second, it still gets a reaction from those who have a soul and some basic sense of being polite.  So, sorry to those offended who deserve better, but, some of those offended, well, it might not be the curse words, but, the cursing of your poor choice of leadership, influence, and who you identify with that are just plainly poor ass choices!!!

Oh, and to those critical of psychiatry, yeah, there are plenty in my profession who are evil, but they do it insidiously, which really sucks to have to witness.

and now the thousand word ending, as usual:

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