is just this:  all these cities, counties, and states that are so voraciously focused on protecting both illegal and legal but questionably dangerous refugees/immigrants, then I think the U.S. government should not ask, but insist these places who want to thwart federal laws have to take them!

Let all these people who are coming to America live in California, New York, Virginia, hell, even Maryland is trying to pull bullshit to protect those who the federal government considers risks if not outright criminals, and let the folks who put up with their local or state officials’ bullshit disregard for legal citizens decide what to do.

After all, elections every 2 years aren’t just for federal representation, but local and state elections are held then too, so, if the state citizenry as a majority accepts their leaders’ agendas, then everyone in these cities, counties, and states will be satisfied.  RIGHT!?

And if these foreigners are so wonderful, and woefully persecuted to justifiably come here, and are completely and honestly invested to live here and accept being assimilated, then, what are the risks, what are the problems, what are the worries?!  Plus, these mayors, County commissioners, and Governors, they must have the infrastructure to handle these people they demand be allowed into their spaces, no need for federal support since these non federal representatives are defying federal laws in the first place, again, eh?!

And just like American citizens who re-elect federal representatives over 85% every two years, these same local and state reps who citizens also re-elect with equal frequency must be trusted and respected to help said citizens in their cities and states, right?  So, what is the problem, you mean to tell me the 6  or 7 states defying active federal laws would argue if the federal government tells these states, “fine, you want them to come here, then you have them, and if they leave to other states who support federal mandates and laws, then theses immigrants or criminals either go to jail or back to your states!”

And then when the likely reality of crimes and misdemeanors these illegal aliens and refugees with non-assimilating agendas commit and start terrorizing these states, well, I look forward to reading about how officials in states like California, New York, and others like my shit home of Maryland will handle this.  After all, these elected officials are speaking for their citizens as a majority collective, so everyone will be on the same page how to handle problems, right, again?

Remember this, my fine readers, those who scream the loudest and are the most defiant over issues they claim are unfair and unjust, well, seem to be farthest from participating and being affected by the very laws and regulations they demand on the public.

And god forbid one of these elected officials or someone close to them ends up in harms’ way from an illegal immigrant or nefarious agenda seeking legal refugee.  What do you think these bastards will be screaming then?

More importantly, what asshole will be sympathetically listening to these hypocrites?!  But, hey, it is a simple solution, right…