This week really sucked, professionally and politically mostly, but, people are just so dumbed down and clueless on a whole, it is pathetic.

It really is living in a Personality Disordered Society, and frankly, I really wish I could hibernate, even for just a couple of weeks, just lay in bed for 22 hours and the other 2 hours for minimal nourishment and getting rid of excrement, no real interpersonal contact, no news exposure, no use of technology apart from crisis needed contacts, no dealing with the personal community.

Maybe that is what people should have the access to for better use of the term, “re-booting oneself”.  Look at it as figuratively kicking oneself in the ass?

We are doomed if we leave things as is, sorry to say.

And now back to the bullshit grind, forced to play faux forensic psych doc and put up with micromanagement bullshit that should make my current assignment administration wonder why they can’t find long term replacement doctors to work there!

Venting now complete, for the moment…

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