I could link at least a half dozen articles I have read just this week alone that repeatedly documents Democrat leaders, Democrat wannabe leaders, and what the mob partisan hacks who eagerly identify with Democrat narratives are saying, and doing, that basically says, and again my blog so my language, “fuck you White America, please leave or die!”

But, I will just go with two:




Read them, absorb the content, and then ask yourself if you are a White American citizen, legally here if originally from another country at birth, why do you belong to a party that hates you, and if you don’t belong to the Democrat Party, why do you tolerate this attitude?!

Seriously, if these cretins lived in another country that had the semblance of free speech we have, like Canada or England as best examples, and there were speakers representing a political party or movement who said shit like this about the majority of the citizenry, how long would they last among their fellow citizens?

Since all the Democrat cretins shriek Nazi and Hitler these last weeks, yeah, let’s go there for a minute.  Do you honestly think the majority of Germans enthusiastically embraced the Nazi agenda for the duration of their rule?  No, my guess is at best 50% bought into it, but, that other 50% who were not targets of extermination, no, they found it hideous and disgusting.  But, they unfortunately knew they risked their own termination if they spoke out.  But, Nazi Germany was NOT a democracy, there was not free speech, and there was not tolerance to dissent of discrimination, hatred, and desire to murder indiscriminately.

But, folks, I find the Democrat narrative to be Example A of projection and reaction formation, in my opinion, and these are really ugly defenses as much as immature or pathological outright.  And as long as they go repetitively unchallenged and marginalized if not outright ostracized, the silence emboldens them!

One final thought, maybe a theory, I think the European Jews made a mistake, not saying they encouraged or deserved their hideous scapegoating (as I am Jewish and if a heaven will be asking God to explain that hideous chapter of humanity when I die  if allowed there), but, from what I have heard and read in my lifetime, many Jews underestimated how the Nazis could not only promote but act on their narrative.  Their lack of action to try to deter or try to shine the brightest light of exposure of what the Nazis preached and desired, well, could it have had some alternative positive endpoint?  We’ll never know!

One thing I have learned about the potential for violence and being able to predict it, when one repeatedly will say he/she will do something violent or disruptive, that is a predictor as much as a frank history of past violence.

So, I leave readers with this thought:  the Democrats keep saying they hate whites and feel they have no place to the American process, well, when will honest, appropriate, responsible citizens who are unbiased and respectful of genuine equality call these fu—rs on their tripe, but, not harsh enough a term, their narrative shit!?

Yeah, human nature, react after death and destruction has occurred.  Can folks live with one selves if the general community silence ends up costing your loved ones and friends their lives, if not their freedoms at least should the Democrats prevail in their rhetoric and narratives?

Not a supporter of Republicans, but, I’ll vote for a Democrat candidate as of now when I am living the life of Henry Bemis.  Those of you who are Twilight Zone aficionados, the goodbye picture will clear up my analogy…

Image result for twilight zone episode of man who survived nuclear destruction and glasses broke