Can you believe these imbeciles who claim to be representatives for this country’s citizens?  If I didn’t show up for my job, I’d not only be fired, but face professional disciplinary actions by my state board.   Who the hell are these political hacks not going to congressional or Senate hearings?!  This is how kids act, and frankly, the people who are the constituents for these shit stained losers are equally heinous and offensive for just saying nothing back in their districts and states!!!

What do they think, not showing up makes them mature and to be negotiated with as fair and reasonable equals?  F— the Democrats, f—them all as long as those who allegedly know better just stay silent, may they not only be marginalized now, but come 2018, I hope they wind up where the Whigs are these days, and readers who don’t know that reference, google it and see the picture of dinosaurs associated with the party.

This is what I have been saying for almost a year now, the Personality Disordered Society is not only growing, but their representatives are hideous to have to witness.  It is at a point for me personally that if someone identifies his or herself as a Democrat, I either try to avoid any political discussions, or if they just start spouting off their ignorant and lame narratives, I walk away, because I don’t want to get in trouble for telling the truth, we all know that effort gets one NOTHING of value with these fecal filled butt holes!!!

But remember, 30% of the electorate not only voted for these losers, but agrees with them so whole heartedly , well, I look forward to when they try to start killing Republicans and anyone who disagrees with their hate and venom.  I really look forward to Democrat demonstrations that turn violent by such heinous protesters get brutally taken down if not just shot should their violence put authority at risk.

It is the only way these f—-rs are going to learn, if they can.  Sorry, I am outraged, the post should obviously relate my disgust and anger to have to read of these scum walking and shrieking among us daily.  Those of us who have adult skills get it, Trump is not a great example to be in the White House, but, do you think us independents and moderates are going to turn to the Democrat shit show party as an alternative after 8 years of Obummer’s antisocial crusade?!

Dream on, if not in other countries, in coffins!!!  And leave with your illegal alien losers who think starting out a new life on a lie is respected, much less trusted.  But, this is what the Democrats not only entice, but surround themselves as their constituents.

That is why they are the antisocial party.

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Note the quote at the bottom, by one of the alleged Great representatives of the Democrats, who today would be just shouted down for being a moderate…