Over at http://www.1boringoldman, the author Dr Nardo is currently hospitalized for serious medical issues, and his daughter has made a post and resulting thread to keep readers up to date on his condition.

Here it is for those not aware of the matter:


I have a problem with some of this, not that she has told readers Dr N is ill, but, the way she is using his blog to basically publicize his medical issues assuming ALL his readers should be privy to his situation.

And, she now has a Facebook page for just select readers to access his medical information.

Umm, while not a huge fan of HIPAA regulations, I sense she is possibly violating the basic intent of this process as what is my bigger beef with the Net, again what Thomas Sowell said so eloquently with “we don’t hear two things anymore, ‘risque’ and ‘none of my business'”.  I wonder what Dr Nardo will appreciate hopefully when he recovers and returns to posting.

Here is a link to understand the HIPAA process:


One thing for sure, I do NOT agree with her putting his picture at his site, as why didn’t he do this previously for readers is a loud, WRONG signal.  The stress of crisis from acute illness does blur boundaries, I have been there and made some mistakes, but, the Net allows to much freedom and lack of boundaries to keep track of appropriateness and either being too cozy or just proverbially shooting up flares asking for attention.   Maybe looking for help and sympathy is a fair assumption, but, who is going to use the information correctly and responsibly, that has to be considered.

I chose to note this here and not say anything further there, as I did note my concern with the picture in the thread, but, I know my concerns will just be taken as a downer.  I genuinely ask anyone who reads there and here to chime in if I am on or off target.

But, I hope Dr Nardo gets out soon, and can post about his experiences, and whether his blog should have boundaries that might have been violated.

To all as I say with occasion, be safe, be well, and be cautious with what you share on the Internet, the Personality Disordered thrive among us here!

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