So, the Left is trying desperately to extort, maybe bribe a bit but doubtful, through many avenues of society to convince the population that Trump must be dumped!  Note this story I just read, but not the first of it’s theme:

Here’s the hilarity of the truth though.  How many boycotters of Nordstrom really shop there, as here’s the rub to the facts:  more Trump supporters have money and clout to genuinely impact on boycotting businesses of the depth of a Nordstrom, and let’s have another moment of candor, Trump deniers are more likely on the lower end of socioeconomic status.

So, I would respect WalMart caving in to boycotts by Trump deniers, but, do people remember what happened to Target after they tried that lame, shameful effort to make their bathrooms unisex?

Let’s review a bit, shall we?:

Hmm, more affluent shopper take their business to Target, and those stories don’t paint the Left’s faux message they can  threaten anyone into submission.  Nope, we still live in a world, more wrong than right but it is is what it is, that money does have power.

But, the Left is onto something I have already mentioned prior here:  time to boycott these losers who are the spokes-folk for this failed agenda:  stop going to movies, stop buying products from Left shrieking CEOs, and most of all, don’t vote for the F—-s running for reelection in 2018 who are just toddlers with crossed arms and sitting in the corners of Congressional hallways.  You know, the Pelosi’s and Schumers and Warrens, who at least the last might find out she is living on borrowed time in Senate chambers.

Again, the Left is just shrieking the defenses of projection, reaction formation, denial, and deflection, all behaviors that one should not really even tolerate in 5 year olds, but, maturity is a process that demands time and effort to cultivate.  Shame we have leaders and people of influence who some have regressed, but, I know some have never matured in the first place.  Nope, the Left is about dysfunction through and thru!

But, Nordstroms is screwed, because not only will the Left still not shop there, but the Right will say, “well, f— you too!”  So, wait for those quarterly reports in July, bet if Trump and his gang are still there and progressing with the public, Ivanka’s stuff will be back on shelves, or, maybe she will take her business elsewhere?

If I were her, I know how I would tell Norstroms what they are number 1 about, and it’s really about a number 2, you catch the pun, eh?

Ah, I look forward to my pictures at the end of posts…to the Louts/Regressives/Libelous that are trying to cruel us into submission

Image result for image of old man giving the finger

And he was a WalMart shopper…