Sorry, as the following link will note, we are not dealing with people that can be negotiated, bargained, or even compromised with.

“It is evident that the left, with the active cooperation of the news media, wishes to drive Trump from office. Nothing will sate the left or get them to calm down into a recognizably responsible opposition force.  And why shouldn’t the left think this can succeed? It has worked before. They bagged two presidents in succession back in the 1960s and 1970s – Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.”

Very good points, history is a predictor of what will be.

And why I firmly believe it is time for anarchy to be dealt with as the following will at least re-boot some of the protesters:  people need to be shot!  Not killed mind you, but, when people are shot at violent demonstrations, the determined will return, but in smaller numbers, and then we can weed them down further, maybe not with more shootings, but, I look forward to reading of these court cases that sentence shit-heads to prison.

Worse things than death, right Bram Stoker readers?…

Better start learning what the Louts/Regressives/Libelous analogies really mean when I use these terms, they are not just convenient similarities…

It is amazing what a bullet can do to wake idiots up!