OK, here’s how it plays out, Patriots use a trick play to take a 4 point lead with less than 25 seconds left, then the Falcons get the ball and score at the end of the game on an equally outrageous trick play, and wow, truly a LIe Super Bowl, eh?

Get rid of the Roman numerals, it’s old and outdated!

But, should Tom Brady host a 5th trophy, I hope not!  In my fantasy league, I think with my head and have the Patri-rots winning by 7.  After all, lies seem to be the standard of this culture these days, and well, Tom and his coach are liars, that much we know.

Sorry to deflate any Patriots fans hopes, eh…………..

Addendum Sun night 1130PM:  Well, close, but a shame the Falcons couldn’t come up with a way to get in Field Goal range at the end of regulation.  Pats did try a trick play with Lewis running but ironic he was one of my players and got hurt on the play so no overtime scoring opps from him!  Hope Brady retires, he is the best quarterback I have watched in my 45 years of football, but, it pains me to admit that!  That Super Bowl tonight cements this guy first ballot full votes in!

Frankly, glad football is over, long season for me.  Back to the grind, but, will be leaving this assignment early as see no gains, much less my health…