I am so sick and tired of the endless ugly, selfish, and moronic rhetoric from both the Left and the Right, so as I have postulated in prior posts over the last couple of years, would these pathetic examples of alleged representation in D.C., as well as many in my state of Maryland as a start, just find an empty field and bash each others’ heads in with their own skulls, PLEASE!?

Again, charge a Pay Per View fee of 30-50 dollars, I would pay it without hesitation, and my bet is at least 100 million would do so equally, and that could pay off something owed in the debt.  And the last one standing, if so unfortunately, could come back to Washington and explain to the public what the f— he/she could offer to restart the American system!

Let’s be brutally candid, the Demon-craps will just continue to be the obstinate ugly violence promoting pricks they have shown since November 9th of last year, and if I have to read one more dumbass twit from that narcissistic jackass in the White House who leads an equally bunch of pandering opportunistic hypocrites of Repugnacants, if I could mail my vomit to these colostomy bag losers without consequence, it is worth the taste of bile for that mailer!!!

I have to say, blogging beats Twitter hands down, even if I only reach a dozen people, I can write whatever length a rant and not have to be constrained by that pathetic instantaneous side show that plays a role creating the people who “represent” us.


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