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Where to begin, oh yeah, appetizers.

Over at http://www.psychcentral.com/blog, I’ve been commenting at this column by the blog’s main editor, John Grohol, who wrote about “Can a President have a Mental Illness”, and I offer readers check the thread and see a slice of Americana at work, I guess including me in that sample set, eh?


Still not satisfied before the entree?

Another example of how Obummer has degraded the American health system, someone has to pay the check, after he high tailed it out, the bastard!


After all, the insurers who have the money deserve more, probably because they donated more than average Americans to both his 2012 re-election campaign, and to his f—-g library that I hope gets burned down within a year the shit hole opens…

Now ready for the main course?  Let’s start with this gem:


It’s a long video, the point where he attacks the clueless questioner is about 19 minutes in, but the summary at the post does exactly that, sums it up.  These idiots think they can just pronounce who, what, and when they are, and the rest of society has to not only accept, but cater to it.  Why we have the losers like this questioner that compose our Personality Disordered Society, or is it they cratered this Society?  Your call…

Along with some of the above meat, we add a few complementary veggie items:

Rubin here actually uses one of my terms about the Democrats, the “Regressives” for Progressives, glad someone is along for the ride with me,


“”All of this has led me to be believe that much of the Left is no longer progressive, but regressive,” Rubin said. “This is one of the reasons I’ve spent so much time on my show talking about The Regressive Left. This regressive ideology doesn’t judge people as individuals, but as a collective.” “

Then there was this,


Ah, projection, so tasty when served in ample supply, and it’s in the Demon-crap DNA, hence why I call them the “Libelous”, for the Liberal substitution.

Oh, just a little more for the palate, you ask?


This one might make that last bite stick in the ol’esophageal tract a bit:

“This newly revealed White House log shows how the Obama administration bent over backwards in hosting advocates seeking Iran’s interests, and not that of America.

Allowing Parsi into the White House more than 30 times, despite his foreign policy positions being completely in line with the Iranian regime, provides intriguing insight into how far the Obama administration went to aid the mullahs, while they continued, and continue today, to describe America as the “Great Satan”.

The access provided to the likes of Parsi and NIAC provides all the knowledge needed about the true nature of the highly flawed nuclear deal sealed by the Obama administration with Tehran.”

Why Obama is Exhibit A of why Demon-craps are “Louts”, for the Left.  You had to see that one coming to complete the trifecta I use repeatedly.

Are you interested in what I have to offer as a dessert item?  Think wisely, because I want this to end the meal, and you know me and my 1000 word endpoints?

Image result for image of disparaging caricature of Democratic leaders

Oh, I have to offer this as an after dinner mint, what happens when someone thinks they can launch, and I love this term, a “limited”nuclear war?

the older than 45 year old crowd gets this video clip, did you folks take your antacid before you came to this meal?…

Yeah, a nice game of chess, just no sharp or hard objects, or bad attitudes at the board, eh?  This is what we have as leaders, limited thinking!

Have a nice weekend???

Addendum 30 minutes later:  read these two columns back to back and then wonder, be a mensch, or be a martyr, but, my advice, stay alive, as these are troubling times with people trying to make sense of senseless goals:



By the way,Fascism is a substitute for a simpler term:  antisocial!

Both found on the Left and Right…

one further addendum 15 minutes later:


I am copying the end as it fits for me:

“Some security advice.

  • Until the current political environment becomes more temperate, treat far left-leaning Democrats and their supporters as adversaries for purposes of security planning.
  • Understand that those sponsoring the activists have a lot to gain from negative publicity.
  • Don’t think you can have a dialogue with someone whose opinions are held as self-evident truths.  Logic or data sets don’t matter.  Their intent is to provoke a negative photo-op.  Have a security person present, and police the crowd.
  • Assume that there will be paid activists in attendance bent on creating a scene.  These are not members of the Tea Party who were generally peaceful in the expression of their concerns.
  • Practice access control, and ensure that those in close proximity are constituents.  Be wary of insider threats, and assess what information could be exploited for adversary advantage.
  • Have an emergency plan.
  • Don’t allow signs on sticks, and search backpacks.
  • Prosecute those who destroy property or become physical in any way, to the full extent of the law.

Stay safe. “

Note the author says what I say often, stay safe and well…

Keep trying that rationalizing and negotiating with thugs, louts, and other personality disorder types who polarize so completely, one wonders what is really between the two polar ice caps on this planet…