For a state that elected Jesse Ventura as Governor, well, what the hell were they thinking when they elected Al Franken as Senator to the US Senate to represent them?!

If this is some Northern state inside joke, well, the joke is on Minnesota residents, who I think suffer from Seasonal Asshole Disorder, yes, a different type of SAD, for making the rest of America put up with this pathetic asshole who is beyond irrelevant in the US Senate!

And the definition of my term Seasonal Asshole Disorder is simple, any season people who voted for Franken are alive and living in the community are assholes.

Why do I write this demeaning post to basically a whole state?

Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, now this prick, this is what defines the Demon-crap party, and again I will do whatever I can to embarrass and more hopefully embolden Democrat voters across the country who hopefully are realizing “enough of this Lout/Regressive/Libelous bullshit of these extremist zealot shitheads”, and note when this joker’s reelection is due!

Minnesota, another state for me to note not to visit, god forbid have to live there!!!

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addendum later Sunday 2/12/17:  thank you Jim Webb, one of the folks I noted in a post earlier per being someone who risks life and standing by doing the right thing, is beyond representing the Demon-craps, because he cares and wants to negotiate, not be care-less and just double down on “my way or die”shit that is the Left.

Hmm, what does this mean:  ““And, you know, the end result of this really is try and to slow down the process, by the way. You and I were talking a minute ago about the confirmation process, it’s slow it down so that by [2018] when the Democrats are very vulnerable particularly in the Senate there will not be a record of accomplishment that they can run against.”

Unfortunately, he does not clarify who “they” are, but if he means this disrupting the confirmation process as a start will prevent the public from having access to representation to get things responsibly accomplished, then,

THE F—–G DEMON-CRAPS ARE EXHIBIT A OF JUST KEEPING THEIR F—-G JOBS AND NOT DOING THEIR JOBS!!!  Not that Repugnocants are much better, but how outrageous to admit this in front of a camera!!!

God, outside of the above shit state of Minnesota, it could be possible that every state between the coast lines will be full red by 2020 if not in 2018, and then what, Demon-crap colostomy bag contents???

BEYOND IRRELEVANCE!!!  Whigs Jr, Wikipedia probably already getting set to create a space for the history of the past Democrat party….

Hell, even Illinois is now with a Republican Governor, watch Chicago continue to eat away at what decades of Democrat Cruel have done!  And Obummer wants his library of perpetrate-hood in that city, how freakin’ ironic!


Addendum Monday 2/13 3PM:  a nice exclamation point to my issues with “Senator Franken”, who really mocks the term to hideous degrees:

Yeah, again to all those citizens in states where you have representatives both at state and federal levels who are just putting such residents at risk, you vote for these assholes, so either change your representation, or, maybe change your residence?!

Cue the key word in that last sentence, “CHANGE”.  Otherwise, enjoy the endpoint of what Einstein reminds you about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different endpoint.  Oh yeah, death is a different endpoint, EH!?!?!