Watching the Left and their zealot freak show is almost hilarious, but it is beyond hideous, how much they hate Trump, but moreso, how fascinating and appropo he is getting away with marginalizing them.

And that is what one can do when you have the podium of President of the United States.  After all, the press is beyond hypocritical, and they are getting slammed, mercilessly, for the shit show they produced when Trump’s Predecessor, who I will hereon deem as T.P. (because that is what Obama is worth, toilet paper, especially used and flushed), was even more heinous in his lies and manipulations and how deep the press just were in the tank for T.P.’s shit stain odyssey endlessly.

Oh, I am sorry, what tank, yeah, the septic tank that was the T.P. Show.

Anyway, Trump has the ego to do what he did today at that Press Conference, and all the Maim Stream, or is just Maim Scream now, the M.S.Media can only shriek their pathetic slime show of pathological defenses.  I do have to say, as much as Trump is incompetent and probably guilty of some lame brain moves, I think he is right about the level of flagrant lying and trying to disrupt anything that could be beneficial for the public.

I forgot where I read it earlier today, probably at or, but there was a column about how the press is just covering for the Demon-craps to stall everything, even if it is blatantly damaging to the country, because the Demon-craps are the antisocial party.  Their narrative, their agenda, their rhetoric, is just so ugly and raw in lust for power.

So, to try to wrap it up, yeah, Trump is the height of Narcissism, and the majority of the media and the Demon-craps, they are the depths of antisocial desire.  But, it is the majority minority of Americans who are trapped in this barrage of accusations, insults, and flagrant efforts to disrupt the daily process of representation.

Unfortunately, we just might get that beat down in the field I half jokingly asked for per Democrats and Republicans beating each other to death with their skulls.  But, these folks will bring weapons, and in the end, the ones who really ooze the attitude, “if I can’t win, no one will”, is kind of frightening to ponder.

Just watch Pelosi and Schumer of late, they really have an aura of almost outwardly advocating for violence now.  But, you know me, T.P. is back in D.C., and I know him to be the worst antisocial of the lot, and he is gleefully planning to make his attack not only take down Trump, but the country.

Hey, I don’t wear tinfoil, for two reasons:  one, it is cold and sharp, and two, it doesn’t really protect one’s head from being invaded by conspiracy attacks.  The microchips were installed at birth, didn’t you all know that?!?!  (I don’t do lol, figure that out!!!)

Just remember this, if or when someone tries to assassinate Trump, and I don’t think an assassin will succeed, pay attention to what is said by Demon-craps and the Maim Scream Media outlets.  You will then see what is their ultimate agenda, and what will the honest, fair, and outraged Americans do then???

Too late to ostracize should that moment come, believe me when I say this!  Brush up on how the First Civil War played out, history loves sequels, and this one, well, doubt it will get billing as better than Godfather 2, but, the body count will be very difficult to track.

Image result for image of Democrats and Republicans protesting violently

Hey, this picture is from this month, this year!!!

addendum:  found the story, at

“Amazing, incredible – frightening.  The German word that describes what’s going on is Götterdämmerung – a “cataclysmic downfall or momentous, apocalyptic event, especially of a regime or an institution.”  Trump’s enemies are willing to tear the entire country down in order to destroy the president.  The fact that they will destroy the presidency and the country in the process is regrettable but worth it because Trump is…well, evil.”

Gotta love the Germans, coming up with these terms that basically define what the Nazis did but makes it palatable, oops, did I mention Nazis?…

And back to Schadenfreude, remember that post?

from me, over 4 years ago mind you:

“I’ll leave you with this term to ponder, not saying much positive about me, but hey, it is what it is:

 Schadenfreude i/ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/ (German: [ˈʃaːdənˌfʁɔʏdə]) is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

 That is where I am at these days, not proud of it, but if it teaches people to do better and right, I’ll have my mea culpa moment later.  Right now, I just want patients to have the care I was trained to provide.”

years pass, but themes, they still are the same…