I don’t watch this guy on CNN, I have watched him a couple of times last year but then realized Howard Kurtz on Fox News at the same time was a better source of media critique.

But, this Stelter guy, he really does fit the term “Schlub”, and I offer the definition to decide if I am on or off the mark:

a talentless, unattractive, or boorish person.

I’d rather call him a partisan hack, but that is just too banal, so, we’ll go with schlub, and what a pathetic one at that.

Oh, the reason I am spending a few minutes writing this post?  Read this at my usual haunts, the http://www.dailywire.com, as I like the site, it is critical of the Demon-craps and the hypocritical Repugnocants, as Ben Shapiro is interested in truth and accountability, not just shrieking for a partisan bent.


Oh, and also there this one too:


Again, you can wait and see if I am so absolutely absurd in my running commentary of how antisocial and hellbent Obama is to fuck up America, or you folks can wake up one day and see what his hope you all stay silent and clueless just aids and abets his heinous efforts.

Oh, and I would call Obama a Putz, but that just insults penises!  Plus, it doesn’t fit the depths that guy has gone to ruin the country.

If one had a choice, I’d advise putting up with the narcissist, as the antisocial is also narcissistic, but doesn’t give a shit who gets hurt.  The Narcissist needs an audience, the antisocial just needs prey.

Think about it…

And, what a mashugana this whole country has devolved into, and here is the definition:

an exclamation to describe something as crazy or bizarre

End of lesson!