So from my last post noting the death of the author of, I get this comment last night, and it came from someone called Robin:

“I didn’t know him but anyway I am happy to hear that next member of your freaking guild is gone for good. So many harm has been dealt by psychiatrists, especially ECT ones but pill pushers are not innocent too. Less psychiatry = healthier society”

I don’t know for sure this “human” is one of the antipsychiatry lobby scum bags, but, my money is he/she is, and for someone to write this, well, shows why there is nothing nice to this “human”, nothing to negotiate with this author, and certainly nothing redeemable from a shit filled colostomy bag slime who would forward this hideous comment!

So, fortunately for me, Mickey N or his family didn’t receive this “shining example” that  reaffirms my belief we are shoulder deep in Personality Disordered Society.  And thank god for that.  Oh, and thank god I got it, so I can appropriately address this scumbag:


Yes, Mickey N nor his family would ever say that, but, I would, and I am glad to do so.  And, if I am correct and this is from one of the Mad at America scum bags who troll that site and have their hideous libelous and assaultive comments published without any moderation or censoring, I hope that site crashes and burns.

After all, less antipsychiatry scum bags = healthier society, from my point of view.  And, to this day, these freaks still are silent and compassion-less when challenged what they would offer for the people who have real quantifiable psychiatric illness.  Hmm, I wonder who the real Nazis are in this clash of accusations.  The ones trying to help, or the ones trying to abandon the mentally ill.  Readers who are attentive and compassionate, you figure it out!

Oh, and the antipsychiatry crowd, they aren’t mentally ill, they are just mean, cruel, and fucking ignorant dumbasses!  Which is why their message is basically a failure at the end of the day, and only attract equally mean, cruel and ignorant dumbass choir shriekers!

If I were a regular reader at and know this person, you’ll do one of two things:  rejoice this was written, or cringe it brings more negative attention to your “cause”.  And as the usual characterological freak shows there, it is simply that polarized a response, and more likely the former from that last sentence.

Reveling in death, yeah, defend that attitude in trying to attract responsible followers.

Why Mickey put up with you douche bag shit stains, I’ll never know!!!

Oh, and if this commenter isn’t from MIA, it doesn’t change my feelings about most who troll those threads, the comments are vile and ugly!

(oh, and saving the comment for future documentation!!!)


addendum 1 hour later:  I took a walk after I finished this post, and thought about why I am so outraged by these antipsychiatry jerks.  It dawned on me as I got back to the house, it started with my time commenting at Philip Dawdy’s past blog “Furious Seasons”, back first around 2008,  and how he was so protective of the antipsychiatry swine who were rude and abusive to me.

I never understood how he could say in one sentence, paraphrased mind you, “well Joel, you are a psychiatrist and know better, but, these people have suffered from other psychiatrists and need to be able to vent, so cut them some slack”.

Some slack?!  Being insulted, abused, and lumped into the same group as more likely inappropriate colleagues but just be guilty by having a title?!  No, I got tired of trying to be respectful and understanding, and threw it back until, yep, I got censored and he let the shit heads go unadulterated.  And why his site basically died, although he became a pot legalization junkie and devoted his full time to that by 2010-11.

So, yes, the above is absolutely appalling, as read by those who are eternally fair and reasonable, but remember the comment that spawned my reply.  You can’t have a dialogue with these “humans” anymore, they are just like the extreme Left and Right in this country, “my way or no way”.  So, I honestly believe to be rude and insensitive back has an impact I think accomplishes my mission, and that is upset them more.  Let them scream more, the biological impact may come to fruition, and that is sad to contemplate, but, what is their endgame?

Less psychiatry = healthier society”.  Hmm, what does that mirror in agenda in our species rather pathetic and ugly history?…

Think Alinsky rules, folks, these slime certainly do!!!


Addendum Tuesday night 830P:

I don’t get why colleagues who claim to be committed psychiatrists comment, much less are allowed to write posts for MIA.  I just don’t have a sense that Dr Sandra Steingard is so trustworthy from what I have read from her, however, that said, this post about Dr N is worth the read:

However, I want to know who is moderating that thread, so far as of tonight, no inappropriate comments, but, with the usual suspects, only a matter of time one will get through and be rude.  Maybe they’ll surprise for the better?

Only if honest and responsible moderation is maintained…


addendum 1000 PM:  Validation, this idiot Robin wrote a comment at the family post this PM and was even more vile there than what he/she wrote to me!

So, thanks loser, you are the scum of the earth, violating a principle rule:  do not talk ill of the dead, for you shall be haunted by a thousand deaths…

What an illustration of the antipsychiatry garbage that unfortunately walk among us, and hopefully that shit comment will be forever erased by tomorrow morning if not even now!

Equal condolences to Dr O’Brien and his family, sorry to hear of your loss as well.  As much pain there is among the living, I have to wonder if all this angst and hate is having a negative impact on those who just are tired of the bullshit?…

Happy thoughts as best able to all…