Been a long damn week, and I had off Monday for President’s Day, didn’t get paid for being off, but, then again, who should for this lame holiday anyway?!  It is nothing less than incredible and ridiculous to watch government workers shriek about deserving all this time off, and then act at least a bit outraged they have to work when they do show up at their jobs!…

Anyway, one has to love the pervasive hypocrisy of the Louts and ‘Cants these days, I mean, that DNC election yesterday (which for me stands for Don’t (k)No(w) Crap), because the irony in that substitution for the Democrat National Committee really shows they don’t know crap when it covers them completely!  The projection by Democrats is really astounding to watch every day, I mean, every accusation by whomever is speaking for the Louts that day, it is about the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the citizens, and don’t these idiots on the Left/Progressive/Liberal side of the aisle see it coming?!  Oh, and that CPAC shit that was here in my state this week as well, what a joke all these Repugnocants are, telling us how great Trump is going to be?  At what, at fucking up these morons’ reelection chances in 2018 or ’20?

No, these failed politicians don’t have a clue what it means to represent the public, because Personality Disordered people don’t have insight and judgment until proven otherwise, hence why they fuck up over and over…

Anyway, I end with this thought, which I think kind of relates to the title above, and that is having people who are demented in positions of power and influence ongoing.  Nancy Pelosi really is beginning to frighten me, because I know she is demented, and not from a crazy definition, but strictly from a cognitive disorder frame.  She continues to say the most stupid shit to expect to hear from someone of her level of authority.

This article below today not only sickens me, but makes me wonder what the fuck is wrong with the Demon-craps who have any inkling of staying relevant, forget any level of power these days, but letting her talk for them?:

In her own damn words mind you:  “Here’s the thing,” Pelosi said on “This Week,” “when we did the Affordable Care Act, if everyone loved their care, if everyone loved it, which they didn’t, and their insurance, we would still have had to do it because the escalating cost of health care in our country were unsustainable to individuals, to families, to small business, to corporate America, and to the public sector.”

Gee, what a long winded “FUCK YOU AMERICA” she basically said.  And you wonder why I wish for people like her to just die from natural causes sooner than later, to save us pain and anguish.  ‘Cause she won’t leave on her own, no, she needs a damn stroke or MI to make her irrelevant.  And yes, harsh, but honest!

But, she is a demented bitch, and as long as Democrats continue to let her deteriorate in the public eye, well, what does that say about their judgment as a party.

Hmm, usual picture to end these political posts of doom and gloom…

America burns