Robert Berezin who writes these occasional posts at the dumpster known to me as Mad At America, what a Judas!  Here’s his latest shit on HIS profession, why he can’t be forcefully asked to give up his MD degree if he values it as much as toilet paper is beyond me!

He opens with this shit premise:  “This call for a new paradigm reflects the awareness that the paradigm of pharmaceutical psychiatry, brought to you by the APA and the pharmaceutical companies, has failed. I have blogged extensively that these beliefs are not only ineffective and wrong, they are harmful, corrupt, and scientifically bankrupt. They will go the way of all false promises. Once biochemical psychiatry is discarded, which will inevitably happen, and is happening now, what will we be left with? What will replace it?”

How about you just replace yourself?  It is just so f—–g pathetic I have colleagues who write this garbage at that crap site.  But, we have to expect there are psychiatrists who loathe everything so much, it invariably comes back to themselves.

Besides, if this loser doesn’t want to prescribe, all the more reason to forfeit his license anyway, what is the point, as he seems to allude at the end anyone can be a therapist, so make sure when you point that gun to your head, “Dr” Berezin, there is only a wall behind you.  Don’t want someone else to take a bullet for you, SIR!!!

Yeah, here is how he ends this tombstone epitaph:

“I suggest that this paradigm needs to be the foundation of all the helping professions: psychiatry, psychology, social work and others. We should dedicate our resources to this enterprise. What is important is the quality of the practitioner, not his degree. The medical model is not germane. The education of therapists should be done on a mass scale to meet the needs of our society. From beginning to end, all of psychiatry is a human process, nothing more and nothing less.”

I can’t believe I have to share the title of “Physician” with this cretin!

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Oh, and if I offended anyone, especially Dr Berezin, now you know how I feel!