Yeah, premature post, but, if Trump’s accusation that Obama had Trump wiretapped, that is a felony charge folks, and now that Obummer ain’t Prez, well, welcome to private citizen consequences, DUDE.  And if Trump is wrong, well, his credibility is gone.

Either way, one of these two characterologically flawed f–ks are going to be very irrelevant in the next 6 months or more.  One in jail or the other out of the White House.

Why this revealed on a Saturday?…

nixon & obama

Addendum March 5 7PM:  Remember how I note the defenses of the personality disordered, especially Denial, Projection, Deflection, and Minimization?  Well, what does this op ed piece by someone who knows the Clintons, and the Democrats by association, say about why the Democrats rail about Russian influence:

This one piece should freak out anyone who is even remotely unbiased and objective who belongs to either side of the Republocrats:

“It seems strange that while some in Congress are eager to investigate the activities of General Mike Flynn and his contacts with Russia, they have no interest in looking into a transaction in which the Clinton Foundation received a staggering $145 million. It’s that kind of inconsistency that saps all credibility from those raising these issues.”

Oh, and the role of Podesta, this ending there should show the frank projection and why I am so glad Hillary is dying a slow death in New York:

“In short, John Podesta was business partners with the Russian government and Vladimir Putin.  When John Podesta went to the White House in January 2014 to serve as counselor to President Obama, he failed to disclose his board membership in one of the Joule entities on his financial disclosure form. According to the Podesta emails, Podesta transferred his 75,000 shares in the company to an LLC controlled by his family. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, the Podesta emails reveal he remained actively engaged in company business after that fact.”

This is evil, folks.  And I don’t think Trump is some saint and completely devoid of less than stellar judgment calls, but, doesn’t anyone who belongs to the Demon-crap party find this shit offensive?…

I do, and know we are better off without her and her sexual predator “husband” in the White House preying on the public further!


Addendum March 6 430PM:

Hmm, this spells it out well how Obama could be in trouble:

“Out of 35,000+ requests for surveillance, the FISA court has only ever rejected a whopping 12. Apparently, according to published reports, you can add one more to that — even the FISA court first rejected Obama’s request to spy on Trump’s team under the guise of an investigation into foreign agents of a pending war attack, intelligence agents apparently returned to the court, where, it is my assumption, that they did not disclose or divulge all material facts to the court when seeking the surveillance the second time around, some of which they would later wrongfully disseminate and distribute to the public. By itself, misuse of FISA procedures to obtain surveillance is itself, a crime.

This raises the second problem: Obama’s team submission of an affidavit to to the FISA court. An application for a warrant of any kind requires an affidavit, and that affidavit may not omit material factors. A fact is “material” if it could have the possible impact of impacting the judicial officer deciding whether to authorize the warrant. Such affidavits are the most carefully drawn up, reviewed, and approved affidavits of law enforcement in our system precisely because they must be fully-disclosing, forthcoming, and include any information a judge must know to decide whether to allow our government to spy on its own. My assumption would be that intelligence officials were trying to investigate hacking of DNC which is not even a FISA covered crime, so therefore serious questions arise about what Obama administration attorneys said to the FISA court to even consider the application. If the claim was “financial ties” to Russia, then Obama knew he had no basis to use FISA at all.”

People think I am outrageous to call Obama an antisocial.  Well, if this plays out to show what the above hypothesizes today, hmm, seems pretty damn antisocial to me to target a US candidate for President, from the other party!

People who worship this man, you are idiots at the very least!!!