This Obamacare legislative shit show this week, that is what it is, a shit show, a colostomy bag that is so filled, just manipulating it a little and it will spew forth it’s contents all over!

Sorry, people don’t sit in Congress for 5 years and then promote this crappy alternative.  They want to make people happy, and that is NOT equal to making people focus on being healthy.  Hey, did the public forget this adage:  “if it tastes good, it probably isn’t good for you!”  And Charles Krauthammer was right when he said a few days ago, once entitlements are in place, they are not going away.

Frankly, and I don’t care who it offends, we can’t save everyone, and everyone is not entitled to being saved.  And yes, doctors are obligated to try to save everyone, but, there always will be a “WHEN” at some point in care.  Infinite resources and infinite monetary support are not just myths, but lies!

Sorry, I try to serve everyone in the public, but, I am NOT obligated to pay for everyone as well.  You want to argue that one, well, just fart in the wind, hopefully upwind so it comes back to arouse your olfactory senses first!

It is a shit show, and no other words describe it!

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