Obamacare, Trumpcare, Allaffordablecare, Idontreallycare, these fancy, personal, “cute” names to legislation, it’s just a red flag for “How to f— over the American people” laws and acts.

Again, you let politicians and bureaucrats set the terms for health care, they will screw it up, just like the Democrats did back in 2010, who were then quick to excuse themselves from having to participate in the law.  Now the Republicans are just echoing the same BS, and have the gall to tell their own constituents, who didn’t want much of anything to stay in place that is this shit hole legislation, basically what Bruce Hornsby said in his well known song, “That’s just the way it is”!

Some things will never change, he then sings that lyric, and then finishes with “Ah, but don’t you believe them”.

Don’t believe them, any of them!  Too many of them are old, archaic, entitled, arrogant, and just plain clueless to what real citizens need and expect.

Dr O’Brien shared in the last post a point from the movie “Animal House”, and the point is not just at these lame and useless politicians, but the equally lame and useless citizens who put these losers there and re-elect them like, once again, pushing the flush lever of the toilet.  Stop shitting on Americans, fellow citizens!!!