Gee, and it takes CNN to note this?!

“What they’re [Democrats] not doing is offering any constructive ideas on how to alleviate the widespread and worsening pain inflicted upon American consumers by the failed, partisan healthcare scheme they lied about and rammed through during President Obama’s first term.  As we’ve noted before, Democrats don’t have any good answers for Obamacare’s millions of victims, who substantially outnumber the success stories they’re so eagerly showcasing these days.  Incidentally, President Trump was smart to invite real people who’ve been hurt by the failing law to the White House for a listening session; Republicans would be wise to keep these people front and center throughout this debate.  But Democrats have no good answers because there are none. They passed a bad law that isn’t working, and the “fixes” they occasionally mutter about are politically unviable, stale and recycled — or they double down with even heavier-handed government coercion and intervention.  Democrats’ dearth of meaningful ideas in the face of the terrible mess for which they’re exclusively responsible has gone mostly unnoticed in the press coverage of the current fight.  But not entirely unnoticed.”

I am going to be writing a post in coming days about what really is evil, and frankly, this ongoing piece of shit legislative assault on more Americans than not is just another example of evil intentions by this political party of Demon-craps.  They love illegal immigrants, stand behind the anti-law enforcement agenda of the Black Lies Matter folks, and for me at least, gleefully want the teachers’ unions across the country that are bankrupting our children with shitty education standards to stay in power and set precedents.  And yet, the loudest shriekers for this educational agenda, where do they send their kids?  To very expensive, elitist private schools.

For Franken to go after DeVos so vehemently, when he is so f—-g hypocritical, just goes to show honest attentive citizens how pathetic and disgusting Democrats really are!!!

American citizens who voted for Trump want him to drain this alleged “swamp” that is the polluted aisle of Republocrats in D.C., start by stop voting for these incompetent, corrupt, and clueless incumbents, ALL OF THEM IRREGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION!!!

It’s the public who sucks, not these politicians alone!!!

road to hell

Addendum March 15 7PM:  Oh, I forgot one other group the Democrats gleefully wrap themselves around as passionate allies, that being ISIS/Radical Islamic Terrorists, as pervasively fighting what I feel is a rightful ban on people coming from known Islamic terrorist sites that Trump is trying to limit immigration to this country.  What is their twisted logic in fighting this effort, as this faux, shameful rhetoric this is a Muslim ban, just fucking lame!

And it even includes my disgusting home state, for now!

“The new version of the ban details more of a national security rationale. It is narrower and eases some concerns about violating the due-process rights of travelers.

It applies only to new visas from Somalia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Yemen and temporarily shuts down the U.S. refugee program. It does not apply to travelers who already have visas.”

Hawaii leads the fight, for California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and good ol Maryland, who really strives to be California of the East!

Again, who are apologists, defenders, and frank supporters of hate, violence, and overt mayhem?  They might as well be the terrorists themselves…

Oh, they already are, cue Berkeley for the latest similarities?

And this is an article from Rolling Stone, not a typical bastion of conservative reporting, yet, in it this at the end:

“”I had a faculty member of the campus call me and say, ‘You must ban him,'” he recalls. “I said, ‘We’re not allowed to do that, he is protected by the first amendment.’ They say ‘No, he’s not.’ So I say, ‘Why do you believe that?’ and they said, ‘Because he’s wrong.'”

Hmm, sounds awfully similar to what ISIS says, so what is that saying again, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”?  And ironic, eh, how most of the terrorist acts in this country are in states that are ISIS friendly, California, New York, Massachusetts, and just waiting for Maryland to have it’s defining moment!

Don’t think these Islamic enemies really differentiate what political party their targets are, Demon-craps!  I truly feel for Conservatives and responsible people distrusting of extremist Islamic rhetoric living in these hell hole states…

Berkeley, the new standard of Fear, er, Free speech…….


addendum #2 March 15th:

Another soiled colostomy bag in America who the Democrats embrace, use as a spokesperson, and revel in his shit rhetoric:

“…pimp your wife (the First Lady) and make her work for us

I am sorry, first his uncle Shit Dog makes a video basically sending the message to assassinate Trump, then this punk is emboldened to put this out?!

If I were Donald Trump, I would [edited this in AM 3/16]– personally deal with this cretin and make him an example of what happens when a citizen brazenly threatens not only the President, but his family members!

It is time to deal with people who really think that advocating for violence against the President is NOT a First Amendment right.  Nope, it is a serious wrong, and done often by the Left.   Yet, where are the alleged responsible and appropriate people who are Democrats shouting this shit down?!

There aren’t responsible and appropriate people who are Democrats, thus the hideously loud silence from the Louts/Regressives/Libelous.  It is what they are, it is what they do, and it is what they want.  And it is why I will continue to shine whatever light I can on these evil people.

This is how evil thrives and gains traction, people just stay silent and thus complicit, and why we are in the state of garbage that both sides of the aisle of Republocrats want to keep this country in place.

Divide and conquer, and so many simply allow it!

Again, we live with 30% of a population that is beyond redemption, and I genuinely wait to watch them go down during their next act of open violence to try to threaten us into submission.  It is only a matter of time before bad things happen to bad people, and that is a shame to see it have to play out that way.

Hey, am I the only one here outraged by that above shit Tweet!?…