Read it all, and then there is more to this failed ideology by the corrupt Left and those who just want to further erode American foundations of living, literally in this case!

Again, these f—rs want you all to be in a system the politicians will not participate with their constituents.  How sickening is that, and no, not looking for a pun, but some scalps come November 2018!

The Left are the most hideous people among us…

Leave health care providers with this from the above link:


 7. The NHS provides insufficient care for mental health. A UK Guardian survey found that over 72 percent of consultant psychiatrists consider the NHS’ mental health care for those under the age of 18 to be “inadequate (58%) or very inadequate (14%).” It’s not hard to see why, as patients under the age of 18 will periodically deal with A&E staff who treat them in a dismissive manner, which only worsens their condition. Patients under the age of 18 also suffer from “a lack of inpatient beds” and “delays in their condition being assessed.”

In general, the mental health results have not been stellar for the NHS in recent years, as the Guardian highlights: 

New NHS figures show that the number of deaths annually among mental health patients in England has risen 21% over the last three years from 1,412 to 1,713.

The number of those killing themselves or trying to do so has also increased, by 26% from 595 in 2012-13 to 751 in 2014-15. It covers both those being treated as inpatients for serious mental health problems and also those who are being cared for while still living at home.

Figures obtained by Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat MP, show that the overall number of “serious incidents” – involving unexpected or avoidable deaths, serious harm, injury and abuse – has climbed 34% to 8,139 a year. They have become so common that one trust, North East London foundation trust, had a total of 633 last year – almost two a day.

The aforementioned numbers are the result of patients facing “a byzantine system of long waiting times, lack of psychiatrists, overreliance on pills as an easy solution and a sense of limbo for all but the most severe cases,” per the Guardian.”

Yep, allegedly this could be ammunition for the antipsychiatry crowd, who, ironically at the same time want the system to be exterminated anyway, so, this is the endpoint the MIA folks will guarantee in the end, who belong to the Left as a sizeable majority.

Dontcha just luv it!?