Wow, what a day, these following links show just what we are dealing with, in order of chronological appearance:

First, this column this AM:

Yep, right on the mark, entitlements are addicitive, and having watched people up close and personal act just like a chemical addict to get their “fix” on staying on entitlement programs, it is woeful to watch.

Then this during the Gorsuch Comedy Hours brought to you by Democraps, haplessly and horrendously focused on smearing this man:

Read up on it, ALL OF IT, and see how disgusting these Senators are, trying desperately to appease their equally failed constituents, who just want Republican blood, even if it is honest and direct behaviors.  Antisocials aren’t interested in anything honest and direct, and these old, lame, pathetic scumbags who are Democrats, please just die!

Finally, this in the later PM, from that Narcissistic asshole in the White House, who is finally showing who and what he really is:

Lots of liberal columns, but, I wanted to read a conservative opinion, and here it is:

Wow, we truly have a Republocrat party in control of this country, and 50-60% of Americans just are worried about their party, not the people.


We all burn in the end, folks…