If you haven’t heard yet, and if you depend solely on the Maim Scream Media as your news sources you haven’t, a 14 year old girl was raped at her public school last week here in lovely Maryland by at least 1 illegal alien scumbag, who was a 9th grade student at the young age of 18 years old, along with what people still maintain is a minor cohort perp of 17 years old, also in the same grade.  This happened in Montgomery County, just outside the ripped-skirts, er, outskirts of Washington D.C., who basically has done nothing else but defend allowing illegal aliens to continue to feel wanted and consoled.  Not the legal, vulnerable Maryland/American citizens who pay the taxes and then live in fear.

So, what do these f–k -hole State Politicians then do this week?


Yep, openly focus on making the STATE OF MARYLAND a sanctuary for these scumbag aliens, who just want to prey on honest, caring people.  And, the majority of Maryland citizens deserve to be raped, pillaged, and murdered, because they keep these f—-g incompetent and uncaring scumbags in office for decades!!!

Mike Miller has been the leader of the State Senate for at least 20 years, and has  been in public office since 1971.  No, that is not a misprint, he has been in public office for 46 fucking years, and his legacy will be felt for at least another generation or two even if the bastard dies tomorrow!

And his scumbag cohort in the Maryland House of Delegates who has been in office for just a junior 30 years, Michael Busch, well, this MIKE AND MIKE show has decimated the State of Maryland.

And they truly, honestly do not give a shit about Marylanders who do not gleefully suck their genitals and wipe their assholes daily.  They are the epitomy of what is wrong with this State, and why this bill will pass.  Because after Governor Hogan appropriately and responsibly vetoes it, they will go full court press to tie it in with false and hideous allegations that it is Trump’s fault, and the moronic Maryland constituents who will just continue to fellate and finger the pelvic areas of their representatives will buy it.

And if there really is justice and/or a God that cares about the people, watch the State ignite and burn, maybe literally in this year’s election, if not in 2018.

The obscene projections by Demon-craps is getting so ugly, I really think we have politicians who honestly are bordering on psychotic.  Which is scary…

If you are a Maryland citizen reading here, and will vote again for the Democrat legislators who support this above legislation, please die.  Because you have no soul, no compassion, and no fucking clue!

Just talk to the parents of that 14 year old girl who’s life is forever altered by two scumbags who should have never been inside those school walls in the first place.

Oh, and google “Montgomery County School Superintendent & public announcement of the rape incident” and enjoy the links.  Why Montgomery County is a shit hole, and deserves to be made way of Sodom and Gomorrah, again if there is a God.

Yes, I am pissed and now gleefully planning my escape from this failed state, literally and figuratively per that term…


Addendum Friday night 10PM:

Nice endpoint to this post to show what a slime Montgomery County has as a Superintendent for the schools:


Read it and see what a creep he was in milking the prior school system he worked in before moving on to bigger and more disruptive counties…

Gotta love these f—-rs, charge the citizens with being racists after illegal aliens rape a legal citizen, what a stale colostomy bag slime!

Let’s add the mug shot to finish the post!

Rockville Rape: Montgomery County School Superintendent Paid $275,000 Per Year, Rakes in Massive Benefits

Yeah, me being a jerk, he looks like a loser!  Is it me, or doesn’t he fit the bill of what a racist looks like!?  Let’s hope real justice prevails and he will be looking for work come late June…