Again, why do American Jews hate Israel?  I think the below link has the perfect perspective of why self loathing jewish people are pathetic:

“When I was a Jewish kid around the age of 10, we used to play a lot of cowboys and Indians games.  I always, always, took the role and the part of the Indians — the good guys, the underdogs,  the victims.  After all, the cowboys were the big bad guys who stole Indian land, made unprovoked war using guns against bows and arrows, drove starving Indians far away from their hunting grounds. 

It was an open-and-shut case of mean white men hitting on the noble red men.  And while I didn’t think of my role-playing and sympathies for the victim as particularly Jewish in nature, unconsciously they were.”

Nice opening, we do identify with the underdog, but who is the real underdog these days when the “Indians” that are the Palestinians really believe the only good Jew is dead and obliterated?  Yeah, that’s real negotiation, the Palestinians only real kind offer is “why don’t you Jews just kill yourselves and make it easier for us to take over?!”

But, the author above makes an even better observation about the levels of inappropriateness among Arabs themselves:

“I’ll add that when I was about 14, when I was no longer a child, I learned that “the Indians” were actually a mixed bag.  Some tribes (Iroquois, Apache) were known — to other Indians, not just to whites — for extreme cruelty and domination; jealousy and competition prevented the Indians from uniting time and again; sadly, many were willing to sell their land for trinkets, guns and firewater, or ally with whites in order to kill off rival tribes.

Not a pretty picture, and I was not happy to learn it.  I had to hang up, as it were, my bonnet of Indian feathers and homemade tomahawk.  But it’s all about growing up and seeing beyond simple good guy/bad guy scenarios.”

Once again, people are either disingenuous, dishonest, or just hideously disdainful, and they aren’t interested in resolution, just destitution.

Have you met people who just self loathe?  They are beyond annoying and aggravating, they just promote loathing by those around them as well.  Nice job!

Good luck with having Palestinians back you up!

“what you can’t see will hurt you, count on it!”