One of the funniest lines uttered in a comedy show was from the HBO classic “Dream On”, when the protagonist of the show, Brian Benben, explains to his ex wife Wendy Malick, that when he had sex with Malick’s sister on the show, “it was an accident”.  Her retort was just hilarious:  “oh, it was an accident, what, you fell and your penis went in and out of her repeatedly?!”

Just like the Maim Scream Media’s handling of reporting the rape case in Montgomery County.  It was an accident they couldn’t cover the story, AT ALL, for the first week after it was reported, but as soon as the alleged perpetrator’s attorney had a defense, that is alleged the victim had texted consent a day BEFORE the rape, wow, that gets front page and wall to wall coverage of Liberal agenda Cable news!

Talk about it happening over and over…

Shame and humility can only be practiced if the source professing it not only accepts those concepts as truth, but then also admits to mistakes and failures.  NOT WITH  THE LIBERAL LED PRESS COVERAGE!  Agenda and narrative for the benefit of the few is the goal, and there is no shame or humility to those goals.

I have yet to read anything prior at the Washington Post about the incident, but, look where it is at the site when it was revealed today:

Just hideous what masquerades as “free press”.  You know what should be the banner for Liberal Media as a whole?  “It’s a shame people expect us to have some humility in our reporting, what should we be humble and ashamed of!?”

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Great show by the way, shame HBO screwed up getting it released on DVD, was at least able to get ahold of season 1 & 2.