I like college basketball, but, after this shit read, well, if I had a say in North Carolina (NC) politics, I would not only say to the NCAA “go screw yourselves”, but look for people to start up an alternative tournament that is honest and direct, that would pay the schools competing in this other tournament sponsored and held in North Carolina.  After all, isn’t that what the NCAA is really about, them making billions of dollars every year at the expense of these colleges and their student atheletes who are just pawns anyway?

Here’s the damn story, what sleezy scummy ostomy bag losers these cretins are, telling a state submit to blackmail or be shunned, instead a loud yet as best polite Carolina FUCK YOU:


So, pay the schools, have a 24 to 32 team tournament at the same time of the NCAA, invite the schools who want to be paid directly, and give out monetary prizes for 1st to four place on top, and watch, some schools who would make the NCAA might say, “hell with it, we’ll have something to show for  participating even if we lose in the first round”.  And believe me, there are people out there who support N.C.’s position, transgender needs do not trump the needs of over 95% of the general public.

It is time for people to show appropriate, realistic, and responsible boundaries and judgment.  People who are transgender have rights and accesses, but based on acceptable expectations and consideration.  The Left/Progressives/Liberals, please, self gratify yourselves to oblivion in your own pathetic, lost, and lawless states like California and Maryland.

We don’t need you, your antisocial and corrupt agendas, and your relentless assault on people who have the right to say no and not interested.

I  really hope I am not the only one advocating for this solution, Carolina cannot and should not cave to flagrant blackmail.  If they do, then they are equally screwed by the losers who will then own the state, and set a precedent that will cripple America even further.

Go Tar Heels,  win the Tournament, hoist the trophy, and then all of you give the finger to the NCAA reps at the game!  Tom Brady 2.0 as an analogy to Goodell et al of the equally corrupt and immoral NFL!  And I am not a Brady fan!

Let’s leave with the 1 gun salute to scumbags out to ruin America: