Nothing long to say here, the dialogue from both sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats reveals nothing astonishing, outrageous, or incredible to witness.

Just polarized, extremist zealots who want to rule, and control, and dictate what society should do and expect.  This is frank personality disordered shit, folks, rigid and inflexible styles of interpersonal interaction that is just profoundly hideous to endure.

The Democrats are the worst of the pair, but, Trump and his cronies won’t do much to show us alternatives that can be tolerated and respected.  Not from a pathological Narcissist who threatens his own alleged allies in the Congress.

So, if you voted and your vote was based on the lesser of two evils, well, welcome to your choice of evil.  And dismiss my opinion as much as one can claim, the hate and discord is now spilling into all aspects of American life.

Just remember this, both California and Maryland are going to become Sanctuary STATES for illegal immigration by the end of the year.  I honestly look forward to the demise of these two states, the latter I have to leave by the end of 2018, before the copious quantities of shit hit the 10 story sized fan that is their electorates.

Mark my words, letting personality disordered people stay in positions of power, control, influence, and mentoring will cripple society for generations, if it already has not achieved that endpoint now.

Good luck, and remember, silence is death.

Oh, and to tie in the sanctuary issue to psychiatry, watch mental health take on the largest burden of all these illegal aliens who either fled or were forced out of their countries for mental health issues woefully treated and supported.  Think Hispanic countries are tolerant of mental health problems?  Think again!